Robbie Ackerly and James Mertz

Seasons greetings everybody, and welcome back to the highlight of your and our week. Mertz and I’s NFL predictions. As always, let’s start with a week 14 recap.


Last Weeks Locks

Mertz’s selection of the 49ers for his lock left him not even breaking a sweat this past Sunday. Brock Purdy looked like Joe Montana as he absolutely torched Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in his first NFL start. It is safe to say Mr.Irrelevant looked anything but. My lock of the Dallas Cowboys had me very concerned. Matched up against a quarterback carouselling Texans, Dem Boys barely pulled it off in a 27-23 thriller. 


Last Weeks Upsets

Man, I really thought Tom Brady wasn’t washed up. This Buccaneers team all-year long has been tarnishing the untouchable legacy of Tom Brady. I picked the Bucs to defeat the 49ers due to Brock Purdy being at the helm, and him making his debut against the goat. I did not expect it to look like Brady was making his debut and Purdy was the goat. Tampa Bay got absolutely punched in the mouth. Mertz however, was the first person to pick an upset despite them being the favorite. But, not one person on earth apart from Mertz and Vegas thought the Lions would actually pull one off against the Minnesota Vikings. 


Total Results 

Not a huge swing this week, but Mertz did get back to his winning ways. However both of these records were not very good. Mertz went 7-6 while I went 6-7, both lackluster for our expert standards. With that being said, the yearly totals now sit at

95-50 and 91-54, with Mertz still in the driver’s seat. 


Week 15

Week 15 eh? Let’s check it out. 


I’ll get things started up here. 


Ackerly’s Lock of the Week

I don’t need to go in depth here. I don’t believe a team deciding between David Mills or a tight end to play quarterback for them has a chance to compete with the Kansas City Chiefs. This one is gonna get ugly, real quick. 

Kansas City Chiefs def. Houston Texans 


Ackerly’s Upset Alert!

Someone got a fire extinguisher, these Jacksonville Jaguars are on fire. Trevor Lawrence is finally coming into his own and proving why he was the consensus number one overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Facing a bi-polar Dallas Cowboys team that I just can’t seem to figure out, I think the Jaguars stack up nicely in this one. The Jaguars absolutely rocked the Tennessee Titans last week, but the Cowboys are coming off a skin of their teeth victory against the putrid Houston Texans. I think Trevor Lawrence and his Jaguars will continue the hot streak and show that the Jaguars future is pretty bright. 

Jacksonville Jaguars def. Dallas Cowboys 


The Rest of Ackerly’s Picks

Seattle Seahawks def. San Francisco 49ers 

Minnesota Vikings def. Indianapolis Colts

Buffalo Bills def. Miami Dolphins

New Orleans Saints def. Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers def. Pittsburgh Steelers

Philadelphia Eagles def. Chicago Bears 

Cleveland Browns def. Baltimore Ravens

Detroit Lions def. New York Jets

Denver Broncos def. Arizona Cardinals

New England Patriots def. Las Vegas Raiders

Los Angeles Chargers def. Tennessee Titans

Cincinnati Bengals def. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Washington Commanders def. New York Giants

Green Bay Packers def. Los Angeles Rams


You’re welcome. Now Mertz, let us hear it kid. 


Mertz’s Lock of the Week

The Cincinnati Bengals have been playing like the team that went to the Super Bowl last year while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been playing like a team straight out of a retirement home. Joey B and the Bengals will go down to Tampa and steam roll Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. Should’ve never left New England Tommy.


Cincinnati Bengals def. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Mertz’s Upset Alert!

This is by far the most disgusting game of the year. Two completely injured and underperforming teams who face off with absolutely nothing to play for. That’s why I must pick this game for the people. The sorry Broncos are favored for some reason. So that means it’s an upset time for Colt Mccoy and the Arizona Cardinals. If you hate your life this is the game to watch.


Arizona Cardinals def. Denver Broncos


The Rest of Mertz’s Picks

San Francisco 49ers def. Seattle Seahawks

Minnesota Vikings def. Indianapolis Colts

Buffalo Bills def. Miami Dolphins

Atlanta Falcons def. New Orleans Saints

Pittsburgh Steelers def. Carolina Panthers

Kansas City Chiefs def. Houston Texans

Dallas Cowboys def. Jacksonville Jaguars

Philadelphia Eagles def. Chicago Bears

Cleveland Browns def. Baltimore Ravens

New York Jets def. Detroit Lions

New England Patriots def. Las Vegas Raiders

Tennessee Titans def. Los Angeles Chargers

New York Giants def. Washington Commanders

Los Angeles Rams def. Green Bay Packers


Bada-boom, that is Mertz and I’s predictions for this week of NFL action. Let us know what you think in the comments below and we will see ya next week for predictions filled with holiday cheer!