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The Eagle’s Cry Reviews: 2024 Battle of the Classes


Battle of the classes, otherwise referred to as “BOTC”, is a fun and engaging way to express school spirit and have a good time with fellow classmates. Every grade chooses a color and theme to use throughout the afternoon.

The themes this year were “FBI Freshmen,” “Superbowl Sophomores,” “Jacked Juniors,” “Seniors Into the Spiderverse” and of course, “Ted Lasso Teachers.”

Every grade came up with their own opening dance, all very impressive and creative. After the scores were in, it was revealed that the Sophomores won that round. Their dance was incredible and showcased many different Superbowl half-time performers. 

Next, Tic Tac Toe was played. The crowd absolutely loved and hated this game. Not only did this cause a lot of confusion with all the grades, there were a lot of rules broken by all. Students were seen jumping from the outside of the box to the inside, stepping in the box, moving already placed bean bags, and even going as far to take a camera to check whether they had won the round. After all this, the sophomores won. 

Next game was “Sorry to Burst Your Bubble.” This was a game where each student had to try and pop a bubble using everything except their hands. While this could be deemed as fun, some said it was “rigged.” BHS junior Zach Fradella believes that the game was “rigged” and claimed it was clear that the “juniors balloons were half the size of the other grades” balloons. Zach added that “it’s a clear advantage.”

Following the balloon-popping game was “Scooter Speedway.” This game consisted of every team being lined up with one scooter per line, and participants had to ride the scooter around a cone and make it back for their teammate to be able to go, but if any part of the person’s body who was on the scooter touched the floor, they had to return to the front of the line and restart. The seniors took the win in this event.

Next up was “fish out of water”. This consisted of students putting on flippers and attempting to race each other and avoid tripping or slipping. Every time one finished running, they had to quickly take off their flippers and give it to the next person in line. After a stressful race, the seniors took the win.                           

Next Musical chairs was played. The students and faculty loved this game. But ultimately, BHS freshman, Allie Cossaro, won against many seniors. This was incredible and we applaud her for an awesome win. 

Next game was the 6 Man Dance. This events name speaks for itself, six members of each team-three boys and three girls- performed a Barbie mashup.

Tug of war, a fan-favorite, was the final game. The “jacked” juniors lost in an absolutely heated final against the seniors. 

In 5th place, the juniors lost against everyone. This was so embarrassing to watch as the juniors usually come close to first. The faculty at 4th place, freshman at 3rd, sophomores at 2nd, and of course, the seniors at 1st. 

Battle of the classes was clearly a huge fail for the juniors. Let’s hope they can step it up for their senior year.

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