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The Eagle’s Cry Predicts: 2023-24 Stanley Cup Playoffs


As the NHL regular season is put to an end– the best time for hockey–the playoffs begin. This year, teams have shocked many across the globe such as an incredibly shocking season from the Vancouver Canucks.

But now, The Eagle’s Cry is going to make our 1st round 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs predictions.

Nashville Predators v. Vancouver Canucks- Canucks in 5

The Canucks have had an unprecedentedly amazing season. Going from being a little less than mediocre in the 2022-23 season to being one of the much better teams this season.

The Predators just have been pretty okay. Nothing special about what they have done this season. Don’t get me wrong, they both have incredible players but I think the Canucks will win it in 5 games.

Edmonton Oilers v. Los Angeles Kings- Oilers in 7

The outcome of this series just needs to have the Oilers winning. In my opinion, the Oilers have all the talent to win the cup, can’t say the same thing about the Kings this year.

Dallas Stars v. Vegas Golden Knights- Knights in 7

This one was a hard decision but I’m going with Knights in 7. The Vegas Golden Knights won the Stanley Cup last season, I don’t think they will go back-to-back but, they could win this series.

The Stars have been a great team this season and it’s honestly a toss up who will win. 

Winnipeg Jets v. Colorado Avalanche- Jets in 7 

This is probably an extremely underrated opinion but, the Jets will win this one.

The Jets have yet again had an incredible season and I know they can win this one. In a game played on April 13th, the Jets absolutely crushed the Avalanche winning 7-0. So, the Jets will probably win this one. 

Florida Panthers v. Tampa Bay Lightning- Panthers in 5

As much as I would hope the Lightning win this, the Panthers are a team to be worried about in the playoffs. Personally, I think whoever beats the Panthers in a series wins the cup.

The Florida Panthers have more of a team effort in their production but as for the Lightning it’s kind of just the Nikita Kucherov show.

Boston Bruins v. Toronto Maple Leafs- Leafs in 7

These are two teams I would want to get out in the first round just as a whole. The Bruins and the Maple Leafs probably have two of the most hated teams/fan bases in the NHL.

But let’s talk about the talent on the teams. The Bruins had a record breaking season in 2022-23, and got out in the first round to the Florida Panthers. Was it just the Presidents Trophy curse or was everyone just underestimating how good the Panthers are in the playoffs? I think the Maple Leafs have faced a good-ish Tampa team for the past two years in the playoffs and they could pull out a win. 

New York Rangers v. Washington Capitals- Rangers in 5

I’m almost 98% sure that there is zero way the Capitals win this one. The Rangers have just been nothing short of a fantastic team this year. The 2023-24 Presidents Trophy winners vs the last team to get a bid into the playoffs.

Could this recreate what happened last year with the Bruins and Panthers? I highly doubt it.

New York Islanders v. Carolina Hurricanes-Canes in 6 or Isles in 7

I’d love to say that the Islanders would win this rematch but I’m just not feeling it for them. Both the Hurricanes and the Islanders are pretty mediocre but the Hurricanes just make more sense to win this.

BUT, I do have a feeling that if this series makes it to a game 7, the Islanders have this in the bag.

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Eva Neamonitis, Entertainment Editor
Eva Neamonitis is a junior at Bethpage High School. She loves writing about sports, movies, and various events at Bethpage. She enjoys going to Florida and hanging out with friends. This is her second year of writing for The Eagle's Cry.

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