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BHS’s Beloved Veteran Teachers


Bethpage High School is home to many outstanding teachers who have contributed to our school’s growth into the amazing institution it is today. The Eagle’s Cry spoke with the longest-tenured teachers at BHS to hear their feelings about BHS’s changes over the years and their hopes for the future.

Ms. Way

Ms. Way, who began working here in 1995, is the longest-tenured history teacher here at BHS. If you know her, then you know she also started our philosophy program as well. When asked about the biggest changes during her time at BHS, she responded, “The use of technology in the classroom was just getting started when I began teaching, and now it has become such an integral part of the educational experience.” As many of us know, technology has grown dramatically over the past few decades and continues to expand today. Although technology has both negative and positive effects on students and teachers, the advancements over the years have greatly impacted schools, and the changes are definitely being recognized.

Mr. Rodriguez

Mr. Rodriguez, or as many students know him, “Rod,” began working here in 1998 and is the longest tenured teacher in the Foreign Language department at BHS, as well as the Director of Foreign Language and the Drivers Ed teacher. Mr. Rodriguez said, “One of the biggest changes in Bethpage is the improvement of the facilities and how many higher-level classes they offer.” With the addition of the brand new athletic barn and the new library renovations this past year, BHS has definitely improved their facilities when it comes to academics as well as athletics. Along with that, BHS offers an impressive 23 out of the 38 College Board APs that feature a variety of subjects, from art history to computer science. Bethpage definitely values academics and offers many opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and succeed in a learning environment.

Mrs. Director

Mrs. Director is the longest-tenured teacher in the math department and began working at BHS in 1995. Although a lot has changed since then, she shares, “One thing that has stayed the same is how much I enjoy teaching. Getting to know my students is the best part of my job.” Clearly, BHS teachers, like Mrs. Director, truly enjoy teaching and take pride in knowing that they impact students’s lives every day. This is just one of the assets that makes Bethpage a welcoming and collaborative learning environment.

Mr. Portuese

Mr. Portuese began working here in 1997 and is the longest-tenured science teacher at BHS. When asked about something that has stayed the same during his time here, he responded, “The great kids that go here. I’ve lived here my whole life, and the kids are still the same.” Bethpage has upheld its reputation for being a school that is not only full of great teachers but amazing students as well. Most of us are aware that many former BHS students have stayed in Bethpage and now have their own children who attend BHS. So on the first day of school, teachers might recognize a few last names on the class rosters, bringing a comfortable feeling within the community here in Bethpage, and it is so nice that that has stayed the same after all these years.

Mr. DeStefano

Mr. DeStefano began working here in 1994 and is the longest-tenured teacher in the art department. He hopes that in the future, “Bethpage continues to excel. When I see the people that we’ve hired, I have no doubt that things will improve drastically as we go on with the years.” We definitely agree that in the future, Bethpage will continue to be a wonderful learning community with great students, teachers, and staff. As someone who has worked here for 30 years, Mr. DeStefano has definitely made his mark not only on the students he’s taught but also through his artwork around the school, and we hope that in the future he and other teachers continue to share the kindness that he does.

Ms. Corson

Mrs. Corson started working here in 1990 and is not only the longest-tenured teacher in the English department but also the longest-tenured teacher here at BHS. Mrs. Corson has experienced many changes while teaching and during her position as the Director of English at Bethpage for some years. As an important role model for many teachers at BHS, her advice for new teachers is that “teaching is hard work, but it is also so incredibly rewarding. The hard work is definitely worth it.” We all know the teachers here put in amazing effort into helping students become successful, and that is what makes Bethpage so incredible. Mrs. Corson will be missed due to her retirement at the end of this school year, but her impact on our school will never be forgotten.

Clearly, here at BHS, we have amazing teachers and students,  which helps make this school such a great learning and social environment. We hope these words of wisdom from our longest-tenured teachers in each department give you some insight on BHS, how it has changed or stayed the same over the years, and what we hope for the future.

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