BHS: Favorite Disney Movies


Emily Melman, News Editor

What is your favorite DISNEY movie?


The Princess and The Frog

Kayla Francavilla said she loves The Princess and The Frog because “the songs always make me want to dance.”



Brooke Galletti, another BHS senior said, “I like the movie Frozen because of the characters and the music. The movie is very entertaining!”


Beauty and the Beast

Cassie Peters said, “Ever since I was little my family would call me Belle, and I love the whole soundtrack. It’s so fun that the furniture can talk and sing.”


Sarah Watson said, “[Belle] likes reading and I like reading so I kind of saw myself in her when I was younger”.



Gabby Hernandez loves Tangled  because “Flynn Rider is everything. He’s the man we all want and deserve. Also I love the story of how she wants to follow her dreams. Flynn always supported and wanted that for her.”


High School Musical

Nora Kerrigan said, “The music is good. It’s catchy. It has good characters and two sequels.”