Interviewing One of BHS’ “Freshman of the Month” Tasnim Adhree!

Tara Gyaltsen, Reporter

A couple weeks ago, BHS announced their Freshmen of the Month. Despite the fact that this is her first year of high school, Tasnim Adhree has managed to become one of the freshmen that earned this title.

Tasnim is a member of the Red Cross club and the robotics team. She is even a part of our school store. The Eagle’s Cry sat down with Tasnim to discuss her thoughts on this achievement.

The Eagle’s Cry: How are you?

Tasnim: I am good!

The Eagle’s Cry: What are your thoughts on being the Freshman of the Month?

Tasnim: I honestly feel very flattered and I’m proud of myself, but I feel like I should always push myself to do better for the rest of my highschool career.

The Eagle’s Cry: Is being a freshman as scary as it seems?

Tasnim: I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would. I thought that high school was very scary before I came. Things changed in highschool when I was expected to do more, but it isn’t as scary as people think it is.

The Eagle’s Cry: Can you give some advice for future freshmen?

Tasnim: High school is not as scary as it seems. It really is not that bad, and try to get involved as much as you can in different extracurriculars. Just try hard and try to balance things out.

The Eagle’s Cry: How did you overcome the stress you felt during the first weeks of school?

Tasnim: I decided to take time with things and take breaks in between.

The Eagle’s Cry: To end this interview, what would you like to say to the other students who become Freshman of the Month?

Tasnim: You guys really deserve this and you all are amazing for the things you did!