Questiones per Dylan Morales


Former Bethpage High School student, Dylan Morales graduated from Bethpage in 2018, and is now a sophomore at Iona college. This however does not mean he truly left Bethpage however, as many people have fond memories of him and his unmatchable wit and spunk.

I, Ayden Morales, his brother, decided to ask him some questions regarding his time at high school, and his time here along with his favorite memories here and the new ones he has made in his two years of college. The following is the verbatim interview I had with Mr. Morales.

The Eagle’s Cry: How was your time overall at Bethpage High School?

Dylan:  Overall, I had a pretty good time in high school; I learned a lot of things that prepared me for college.

The Eagle’s Cry: Interesting, now what was your favorite memory of high school?

Dylan:  My favorite memory from high school would have to playing baseball. I had a lot of fun with my old friends and I miss it to this day.

The Eagle’s Cry: Understandably, as sports unite people unlike anything else. On that note, what the funniest thing you remember happening in High School?

Dylan: The funniest thing I remember is getting hit in the face by a baseball helmet in the locker room after a game. I had a black eye for about a week, I think.

The Eagle’s Cry: *LAUGHS* It’s amazing how much fun being stupid is. In your opinion, do you think high school properly prepared you both for college and the outside world?

Dylan: I think high school prepared me well for college but not the real world. I learned a lot of valuable study habits and ways to apply myself but the real world a lot different, and Bethpage is kind of sheltered.

The Eagle’s Cry: I agree entirely, now, has college opened any new doors for you?

Dylan: Yes, college has opened so many doors for me to take my life in different directions with the help of my professors and my brothers, it is truly an amazing experience.

The Eagle’s Cry: That’s awesome, it’s great how things change socially in college, but how is college different from high school in terms of, say, workload?

Dylan : The workload is definitely more intense, but the schedule flexibility makes it easier to get things done when I see or feel fit.

The Eagle’s Cry: I mean that makes sense, and it’s good that you can schedule and manage your time accordingly. Alright now, I’ve been wanting to ask you in particular: would you redo high school if you could?

Dylan: Oh jeez… well, yeah, I guess  I would redo high school because I feel that I didn’t appreciate the experience enough at all.

The Eagle’s Cry: Understandable. It is very easy to miss the time that we let slip through our hands.

Dylan: Yeah, unfortunately, time is linear and I do not have the means to go back nor forth and alter the decisions I have made. So rather than stew on the fact that I have taken much for granted, I have decided to become comfortable with the fact that I cannot change the tides of time.

The Eagle’s Cry: So what’s it like being in a frat?

Dylan: It is one of the best decisions I have ever made because even in my short time I know that I’ve met people I will be friends with my entire life.

The Eagle’s Cry: As everyone knows, frats can be cesspools of humor. What is the funniest thing that has happened in your frat?

Dylan: It’s hard to pick one thing because everyday is something new, and I happen to be with a hysterical group of guys. No particular moment is even stand out because its all hilarious.

The Eagle’s Cry:  I’m sure it’s awesome. Finally, how would you rate your overall experience at college?

Dylan: I would say that so far I wouldn’t change a thing about what I’ve been through because even if I haven’t enjoyed everyday all my experiences have molded me into a better person.

The Eagle’s Cry:  Wow, that’s amazing to hear, it makes one excited to move on and go to college. Do you have any closing remarks or advice?

Dylan: Yeah actually, I’d like everyone to know that they should value everyday in high school, and make the most out of it no matter how hard. College is definitely fun but you need one to go to the other, so do not take it for granted. Also vote Noam Bramson [mayor of New Rochelle].

The Eagle’s Cry “Your words are moving, thank you for your time.”  


Clearly, high school is a fun time that hopefully readies one for the ensuing journeys of life and college. Mr. Morales’ honest and profound answers leave one extremely excited for the fun of college and ready to tackle any challenges beforehand–just as he has done.