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Verbatim Interview: Mr. Lynch


Everyone knows and loves BHS AP U.S. History teacher Mr. Lynch; he has even been featured on The Eagle’s Cry before! One thing Mr. Lynch is famous for at BHS is his fascination with one president. Let’s take a look at what he had to say about this president.


The Eagle’s Cry: Who is your favorite president in U.S. history?

Mr. Lynch: “My favorite president is George Washington.”


The Eagle’s Cry: What makes George Washington so fascinating?

Mr. Lynch: “I just think that he was there at the beginning; he helped create the United States of America; without him, there wouldn’t be a United States of America. I like his selflessness.”


The Eagle’s Cry: What is your favorite fun fact about George Washington?

Mr. Lynch: “He was a famously good dancer.”


The Eagle’s Cry: If you could spend one day with George Washington, what would you do?

Mr. Lynch: “He was good at riding horses, so maybe we’d ride around, have some lunch, maybe with Alexander Hamilton, and then at night we’d hang out with Martha; apparently she was a very fun lady!”


The Eagle’s Cry: If you could ask George Washington one question about anything, what would it be?

Mr. Lynch: “How did he do it? How did he keep going when things were so bleak? How’d he keep going knowing that if he lost, he was going to be executed?”


The Eagle’s Cry: What president comes in second place to George Washington?

Mr. Lynch: “I really like Rutherford B. Hayes. He was elected in 1876, cofounder of Ohio State University, and just an all-around good guy.”


The Eagle’s Cry: Do you think George Washington is portrayed accurately in Hamilton?

Mr. Lynch: “Yes, whoever the actor is that played him, I thought he had his commanding presence. He impressed me. The way Washington presented himself was really important to him, so I thought the guy in Hamilton did a good job having that; you knew he was in the room.”


The Eagle’s Cry: Would you rather live your life or George Washington’s life, and why?

Mr. Lynch: “George Washington’s life is easy. He is the father of this country, and he was loaded, and he had a beautiful house overlooking the water that I visited, and I always say that if there is a zombie apocalypse, I’ll go live in that house. Plus, it has a big front lawn, so I could see any people zombying up.”


As clearly seen, Mr. Lynch has a fascination with George Washington. From knowing his history to fun facts about his life, Mr. Lynch is an expert! There is nothing he loves more than teaching about George Washington; he even saved the day to teach about George Washington’s life on his birthday this year!

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