Verbatim Interview: Zach Schnabel


The Bethpage Football team unfortunately had a tough season, only winning two games and losing six. This season was their first one missing the playoffs in a few decades. Many questions remain, so The Eagle’s Cry find out what the real issues are. We interview BHS Football’s quarterback, Zach Schnabel.


The Eagle’s Cry: What went wrong in your 2019 football season?


ZS: Several things went wrong. There was a completely new offense: we switched from wishbone to spread. We couldn’t get a grasp over it until the end of the season. And that’s when we started to play well.


The Eagle’s Cry: What was the best part of the season?


ZS: Almost beating a very good Wantagh team was a highlight we had.


The Eagle’s Cry: Did the roster have enough quality to go the distance?


ZS: Yes we did.


The Eagle’s Cry: Were the plays good enough? 


ZS: Some of the plays, but some of them need work.


The Eagle’s Cry: Does the coaching staff need tinkering?


ZS:  No, but we all need to work together toward a better season next year.


The Eagle’s Cry: Which games should you have won?


ZS: Definitely the games against Wantagh, Mineola, and Roosevelt.


The Eagle’s Cry: Best case scenario, what should have your record been?


ZS: Our record should have been 5-3 Realistically. 


The Eagle’s Cry: What positions were the least effective?


ZS: Probably corners and sometimes middle linebackers, but not always.


The Eagle’s Cry: What positions were the most effective?


ZS: Running back and safety played well this season and worked efficiently. 


The Eagle’s Cry: Did the locker room ever get negative?


ZS: There were a few times when the squad got negative, but at the end of the day we stay brothers.