Bethpage Cheer Prepares for Another Winning Season


Year after year, Bethpage Varsity Cheer grows into one of the most successful cheer teams in New York. With cheerleaders of all different ages and skill levels, the team—led by coach Mrs. Lundberg—meshes perfectly to build a promising squad.

Last year, Varsity cheer had many accomplishments to celebrate including a County championship and second place in the state competition. Many were to thank for these accolades, and as the team looks to the future, we also must look back. To start the 2016-2017 season, the team lost seven graduates and gained eight new cheerleaders from tenth and eleventh grade.

Three-time varsity cheerleader Brenna Lynch, who is the captain of this year’s team, said, “I like the team because we became a family and there is never a dull moment when we’re with each other.”

Our coach, Mrs. Lundberg—or as we call her, Tav—has always been our number-one supporter throughout the entire cheer season. Whether it’s game season or competition season, she’s always there to help each of us succeed and reach our full potential.

Brenna said, “Tav pushes us to be our very best.”

I am so proud to be a Bethpage varsity cheerleader because it isn’t just about cheering to me; it’s also about having your team there supporting you no matter what and making so many memories together that will last forever.

Bethpage Cheer looks forward to an amazing 2016-2017 season filled with great memories and victories.