What Has Made BHS Students Happy Lately? The Eagle’s Cry Inquires…


Eva Neamonitis, Reporter

It’s already February, meaning winter break is just three weeks away! I speak for all of us when I say that the first few weeks of 2023 definitely had its ups and downs. Along with some negative things happening around the world, there has to be some good! The Eagle’s Cry interviewed some of the students and teachers at BHS to find some much-needed things that made them smile recently. 

BHS Sophomore Gabby Hernandez shared, “I recently redid my room over midterms week and it’s brought me a lot of comfort through all the stress of my midterms. I also have been adoring the books I’ve been reading lately.” 

Health teacher Mr. Shanahan said, “My new puppy, Clover! ”

Also, many people said their happiness is related to the sport they play.

BHS Sophomore Janna Shariff said, “Competition season.”

An anonymous sophomore said, “Pasta parties, spending time with my kickline team, and comp season!”

BHS Sophomore Abby O’Hara said, “MY KICKLINE TEAM.”

Others claimed their recent academic achievements are what makes them happy. 

BHS Senior Erik Caputo said that he got a “95 on Verdi’s AP Gov Research paper.” 

For most people, friends and family were the main components of their happiness recently. 

BHS Sophomore Christina Davillas said, “Seeing friends and family.”

BHS Sophomore Lauren Kachadourian said, “Hanging out with my friends over the weekend and laughing a lot.” 

Another thing that has made people happy has to be new music! Various different people said that music was a crucial part of their happiness!

Overall, 2023 has been off to a bad start for some, but it could always be worse and there is always something to be happy about.