The Daily Ayden : The Importance Of Intelligence

The Daily Ayden : The Importance Of Intelligence

Ayden Morales

Intelligence. We have a quantifiable measurement for such a construct, but what even is sophistication? In my calm, objective opinion, I’d say it is a curse, others would say its a term used for those who like using fancy words and thinking about things that elude the minds of common folk. 

The funny thing is, those who are identified as geniuses by numeric value, fall into several categories, all strikingly different from the others, let alone normal society.

There are those geniuses, who are simply bored by this coil, and uncertain of its mechanisms of function. Not in the sense that they don’t understand how it actually works, for they likely do, but they live a life of seclusion and uncertainty in social interactions, for that is the one connection their brain can simply not make in this realm. They find themselves isolated and bored with the simple nature of existence, and are deeply burdened by the never-ending train of thought that chugs through their dome.

Then, there are those who are dominant, confident gods among men, who can shape the world at their very fingertips. Manipulative and successful, these highly perceptive individuals still have their Achilles’ heels, that being their work ethic. One can have the contents of the universe within their cranium, and understand calculus as if it was simple addition, but if one would rather think within the comfort of their domicile, or evade the effort of putting any into their lives, they have already sealed their fate. 

Perhaps one of the rarest groups are the pensive artists, the hopeless folks who see all sides of every spectrum, and can convey their thoughts and feelings as any other human, but still plagued by thought. Some people can be as emotionally intelligent as they are with the concrete facts of life, and they live a macabre existence. Social life troubles them as much as their own mind does, but their determination and perception saves them, in most cases.

Regardless of the category, all geniuses share one thing in common, that being only the title. Human to Human, we are all different of course, but those who see life for what it could be rather than what it is, and explore all potential within this realm are much more complex than one may think.