The Eagle’s Cry Top 8: Viral Categories on Tik Tok of 2020


Top 8 Viral Categories on Tik Tok of 2020


  1. Most Viral Video: @bellaporcha (M to the B – Millie Bee) 


Influencer Bella Porcha, published a Tik Tok video on August 17th. This ten-second video of her lip-syncing to the song M to the B by Millie Bee became one of the most viral videos of 2020. Her video has over 43.5 million likes, 1.5 million shares, and over 532.2 million views, and is continuing to increase along with her 46.5 million followers. At the moment this is the most viewed viral video on the TikTok platform of 2020.  


  1. Most Viral Hashtag: #BoredInTheHouse


During quarantine, the hashtag #BoredInTheHouse was trending all over the Tik Tok platform. Many people would share videos of what they were doing to keep them occupied during the lockdown. The original video that started this hashtag was posted on March 4th by @curtisroach. His video received over 6.1 million likes, 173.3k shares, and over 44.6 million views. Overall, the #BoredInTheHouse hashtag received over 4.8 billion views and uses on the Tik Tok platform throughout the year.  


  1. Top Creator: Charli D’Amelio 


Charli D’Amelio, a sixteen-year-old influencer, has become one of the most popular creators on the Tik Tok app. Charli often does dancing videos along with her older sister Dixie and have both gone viral on this app. Recently, Charli D’Amelio has also broken the record of the most followers consisting of 102.6 million with over 8.1 billion total likes. Almost all of her videos have over 25 million views with at least 3 million likes. Charli is one of the youngest influencers on this app but is still growing her account today.  


  1. Voices of Change: @siennamae


Sienna Mae Gomez is a 16-year-old influencer that exercises the importance of the reality of body image. Her goal is to show users that what you see on social media is not always the real image. She is a huge believer in having self-confidence and not comparing what one’s body looks like in comparison to someone else. She has a total of 12.6 million followers. 


  1. Top Celebs: Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner is one of several celebrities that uses the Tik Tok platform. She spreads awareness about current issues as well as fashion to many trends of the year. Kylie Jenner has 25.2 million followers on her platform with 255.6 million likes. She is one of the most followed A-list celebrities on the Tik Tok app and her count continues to increase. 


  1. Top Song: What you know about love? (Pop Smoke)

Pop Smoke is one of the most trending music artists of the year. Unfortunately, Pop Smoke recently passed away to a home invasion in February. Although he died, his music began to trend on both Tik Tok and billboard charts. His song has been used in over 12 million videos from Tik Tok users around the world. Along with his song came a viral dance that was also used by many users, being one of the most popular dances and songs of 2020.   


  1. Top niche community: #DracoTok 


There are several “sides” of Tik Tok filled with viral videos revolving around the main topic. One of the trending topics of 2020 includes #DracoTok which was a trending hashtag for users who wanted to be on the Draco side of tik tok. Draco is a well-known character played by Tom Felton, in Harry Potter. This hashtag has received over 9.5 billion views. There are several videos based on Draco Malfoy. These videos consist of fans making art or other silly videos from his fanbase.  


  1. Green Screen/video or duets 


The use of the Green Screen effect has over 217.3 million videos as well as the hashtag “#Duet having over 1715.6B views. With these two features, a user is able to make many interesting and fun-filled videos. With the Duet filter, you are able to make a video of you reacting to an already published video. In these videos, people are able to sing, cook, act, dance, and much more!