A Verbatim Interview: Quarantine Life with Steven Bello

A Verbatim Interview: Quarantine Life with Steven Bello

Luke Shkreli , Reporter

As you all know we are going through a very strange time. Some may see this situation as a horrendous thing for everyone, which is completely true.

Bethpage High School student Steven Bello likes to look through a rose-colored glass, noticing that things aren’t as bad as they seem. I say we follow Mr. Bello’s lead. Let’s all look at the positives of this situation, because believe it or not, there are a few. Steven has some interesting statements to make throughout his time during Corona virus Quarantine.   The Eagle’s Cry interview awaits:


The Eagle’s Cry: How long did you think this would last?


Steven Bello: I think this pandemic might last the whole summer, or hopefully it could end sooner. Although, I highly doubt it. 


The Eagle’s Cry: What was your first impression on quarantine?


Steven Bello: My first impression on quarantine was that we were going to be on lockdown for a short period of time. So I was pretty shocked when I later found out we would be in lockdown for the rest of the school year.


The Eagle’s Cry: What were you doing in the beginning of quarantine?


Steven Bello: I was happy to have some down time from school. But, at this point I’m sick of staying inside all day.


The Eagle’s Cry: What do you do during the day?


I used to wake up very late, making me unproductive throughout the day. But now I’m waking up earlier, doing work, and going to the beach with my family.


The Eagle’s Cry: Was your sleep schedule altered in any way?


Steven Bello: Yes, my sleep schedule has been altered in many ways. I’ve been playing xbox with friends all night, making me wake up earlier in the afternoon. Therefore, ruining my whole day. 


The Eagle’s Cry: Do you watch the news to get more educated on the CoronaVirus?


Steven Bello: I haven’t been watching the news myself, but my parents usually watch it throughout the day. 


The Eagle’s Cry: What’s a positive thing  you can take from this situation?


Steven Bello: Some positives I can take from this pandemic is the fact that I don’t need to wake up early for school 


The Eagle’s Cry: What about the cons? 


Steven Bello: I can’t interact and socialize with many of my friends. Also I can’t take my road test, meaning I can’t get my license until everything starts opening up again. 


The Eagle’s Cry: Do you have a particular movie or show that you’ve been watching?


Steven Bell: I spend lots of my time watching movies and shows. My favorites have to be Goodfellas and Casino. 

The Eagle’s Cry: Do you like online learning?


Steven Bello: I’m not really a fan of learning online, but I definitely prefer it over waking up at 6:45, five times a week. 


The Eagle’s Cry: Are you anxious to hang out with friends now that restrictions are slowly being lifted?

Steven Bello: Yes, I want to hang out with my friends sooner than later now that things are starting to clear up a bit. Also my parents aren’t as strict as they were in the beginning, giving me some slack to make plans with my friends and extended family. 


The Eagle’s Cry: Did you think that the virus would harm any family members?


Steven Bello: I was worried my grandparents would get it, which made me nervous knowing that the virus doesn’t sit well with our elderly community. But it turns out they had it earlier in February and recovered. I wasn’t worried about my parents getting it.