Why Bethpage Students should go on more trips


Kirnpreet Kaur, Reporter

The advantages of attending a field trip are vast. From gaining knowledge to acquiring experience through field trips, it has been proven that students retain information more efficiently during field trips.


Increases experience outside of class 

Throughout the school day, students are glued to their seats. Going outside on field trips would enable them to get up and explore new things. Instead of solely paying attention to the teacher for a 42-minute period, going on a field trip would take the attention of a student and expand it. 


Creates better relationships among classmates

When students go on trips, they usually converse with one another. Attending field trips increases a student’s social skills because they frequently engage in conversations. Students tend to create a stronger bond with each other. 


Encourages students to learn

Let’s be real, sitting in a class and giving all your attention to a teacher can get a bit tedious. When students get the opportunity to go on a school trip, they become more involved. Their attention diverts to the new and unfamiliar surroundings, resulting in their eyes to wander and collect information. 


However, there are two sides to a story. Attending field trips can benefit students, but negative impacts also exist. When students miss a school day to attend a trip, they miss essential classes. Making up tests and homework can be stressful. Missing a lesson, especially an important one, burdens the student. “Going on trips does help a student learn from a new perspective, but having to make up work the next day is overbearing,” says Paola Paulino, a junior attending Bethpage High School.