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    School lunch better than last year?


    There are many popular dishes at BHS. Nevertheless, the food distributor corporation changed this year, which resulted in some of the previously beloved dishes tasting worse. Some foods such as the “Ice Cream Pound Cake” have a plethora of calories and sugar intake, yet, we cannot have a small piece of bread that isn’t Whole Wheat. Students can order “Nachos” – salty Tostitos chips and melted cheese – yet, it’s “unhealthy” to have a side of the since discontinued Macaroni Salad. 


    The infamous school pizza. In elementary school, you’d rush to the front of the line for a hot slice of school pizza, every Friday. However, this year the pizza this year is soggy and too cheesy. Avid school pizza buyer, Junior Lauren Kelly said, “It is delicious but sometimes it can be overcooked and nasty.”


    The cookies however, are timeless. Everyday, soft and chewy, with flavors such as chocolate chip, sugar, and M&Ms, “The cookies lack flavor and hurt your teeth to bite down on because they’re genuinely rock solid. 



    Eva Neamonitis shares, “You get the gook from the other paninis on your sandwich.” They tend to all be thrown in the same press and everything melts together and you get a taste of other people’s sandwich, which is not pleasant. They tend to be unorganized with the “number system” which is unfair to us as that is our lunch they are just throwing around and commonly misplacing people’s lunch order.


    Pizza Sticks

    Due to the school working with a new food distributor, the pizza sticks everyone knows and loves, that have been around for years, have changed this year. They have a different bread and cheese causing them to taste like cardboard, they are not the delicious gooeyness that everyone loves. They were a favorite until recently, which is extremely unfortunate. They still have some good qualities to them and can make for a good lunch but they changed, and not for the better.



    There is a cart everyday full of varieties of chips and crackers, but since the new food distributor the snacks -that used to be cheetos and chips – are now Low-Calorie Baked chips and Strawberry Chex Mix. Although the new options are much healthier, they’re also very uncommon and many students aren’t fans. “I’m not a huge fan of Chex Mix, I miss the Cheeto Puffs.” Joseph Ellinger said. 

    The school lunch is not bad, but it is not great either. We all miss the lunches from last year but we have to get used to the new ones. What do you think of the new school lunches?

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