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You want to look up your favorite recipe for banana bread, so you go to Google provides insufficient results. So where do you go? How about Bing? So you go to on your Bethpage Union Free School District mandated Chromebook, and what do you see? [DATA EXPUNGED].

Geographically speaking, as the famous Adam Sandler once said “[STATEMENT REDACTED], which is a truly beautiful mixture of words. It is within the school’s utmost best jurisdiction to unblock the underrated search engine on all BUFSD computers.

We would like to take this time as warranted to cordially thank our English teacher, Mr. Daniel Malossi. All the great pieces we’ve constructed over the course of this year, we learned our syntactic fluency from our very own Mr. Malossi. We wouldn’t have such unique word choice and formal structure if it weren’t for his hard work and toil. So as we part ways for this beautiful summer, please do not forget as you enjoy each one of our pieces, who had taught us. Mr. Daniel Malossi. *everybody claps*