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Top 10 Dynamic Teacher Duos at BHS

Whalen and Livingston

Here at Bethpage High School, many dynamic teacher duos roam the hallways. Their bonds have formed through similar interests, subjects, or even sports, and today The Eagles Cry will be going over the Top 10 Dynamic Teacher Duos here at BHS.

Disclaimer: This list is in no specific order–and is just our opinion.

Corrado and Pane- These two run chemistry at BHS no matter which teacher you have; they have the same exact schedule, tests, and work all year long. Not only do they have the same material, they also do extra help together and are always spotted together throughout the school year. Corrado and Pane go way back to when they both first started working here at BHS and are still best friends to this day.

Whalen and Livingston- Not only are their classrooms right next to each other, but they also give similar work and teach just about the same classes. Julia Baumbach, who had both Whalen and Livingston, said, “They’re both fun teachers who care a lot about their students.”  If you get either of these teachers for any English class you are very lucky!

Laspina and Marathe- These two are not only a teacher duo but also a couple. You can always spot them on a lunch date in town or just together around Bethpage High School. Although they do not teach the same subject, they both are great teachers to have. These two are in their Lover era!

Garvey and Duffy- This unexpected duo is not as obvious as the others, but these two are actually very close. In fact, Garvey was one of Duffy’s bridesmaid at her wedding! Some teachers may be closer than you think, although if you’ve have Ms. Garvey then you know she is friends with almost every teacher at BHS. “We met at Bethpage and we’ve been friends since she started and I’ve known her for like 20 years which is a while” said Garvey. 

Malossi and Gorman- This duo might just be the pinnacle of duoism. These two teachers make AP Seminar a fun and memorable class to take. Eva Neamonitis said, “They were really fun to have as a teacher duo, and their personalities shined throughout the class”.  As seen in the cover photo of this article, these two not only teach, but go to lunch together as well. The Middahs are always laughing it up and together, no matter what.  Mr Malossi said “I’ started the same year as Mr Gorman, and I couldn’t ask for a better teaching partner and friend (Mr. Malossi breaks down crying and runs into the teacher’s lounge).”

*Honorable Trio Mention*- Malossi, Gorman and Whittemore. 

Fisher and Walsh- From player-to-coach relationship to a coach-to-coach relationship this duo has been through it all. Walsh started off as Fisher’s student and player and has now grown into his coworker and assistant coach. You would most likely see them together on the field the baseball field since their classrooms are on opposite sides of the school. Mr. Walsh said, “One of the coolest part about coaching baseball is that Mr Fisher was my coach when I played here at Bethpage and now we coach together”.

Feyrer and Sestak- If you’ve had Sestak for English, then you’ve probably had Feyrer as well. These two teach together and are one of the most well known teaching duo at BHS. 

Calio and Sagarese- This duo both teach the same classes and run the Italian club together. Zach Fradella said “They’re always talking and always together”. Both of these teachers are fun and make Italian class enjoyable.

Comunale and Buran- Although all the teachers in the Social Studies Wing are like one big family, this duo stands out among the crowd. This duo goes out to lunch together often and are always seen together around the school.

Franzke and Bennett- This gym duo is always joining their yoga classes together, and both make yoga fun and entertaining. Mrs. Bennet says “We both started working here the same school year 2005-2006 and we became friends then”.

**Honorable Trio Mention- Shanahan, Regan, and Camille- Although not all teachers, this trio is always seen together at the bathroom desk outside of the gym. Sometimes you might catch Franzke, Bennett, or even the new assistant principal hanging out around here. If you are walking near the little theater or gym, you will definitely see them there chit-chatting.

Clearly, BHS has some amazing teacher duos that make school a little bit more interesting just from watching these relationships form. Which duo is your favorite?

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Olivia Greenfield, Student Life Editor
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Sophia Lora
Sophia Lora, Student Life Editor
Sophia is currently a Junior at Bethpage High School. This is her second year working on The Eagle’s Cry. She enjoys dancing and spending time with friends and family. This year she plans to concentrate on writing about entertainment and student interests. She also runs The Eagle’s Cry Tik tok account.

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