Marine Biology and APES Take On Fire Island


Danny Ranz, Staff Reporter

On Friday, May 29th, students from the Marine Biology and AP Environmental Science classes took a unique field trip to Fire Island. Despite the freezing water, everybody involved had a great time learning about the park and socializing with their peers.

This trip was a perfect mix of fun and education. When departing the bus, students were greeted by Park Ranger Kelsie, who took everybody on a short detour around the park side of Fire Island. Students saw the various wildlife on Fire Island and listened to Ranger Kelsie tell many stories about the beloved state park.

“My favorite part of the trip was seeing the red fox in its natural habitat,” said marine biology aficionado Brendon Piulson. “I wish I could’ve taken it home.”

A trip can’t be successful without a little bit of fun, right? After the detour, the students settled on the beach, ate lunch, and engaged in fun beach activities, such as spikeball and “hanging out.” Later Ms. Rankin, marine biology teacher, took several students on a six-mile hike exploring the beach part of Fire Island. There were even a few brave souls who went in the water, which was around 54 degrees.

“On behalf of everybody, I think it’s safe to say that it was a fun trip,” said marine biology student Tim Charles. “I just wish more people went in the water.”