BHS Juniors and “Seniors” Enjoy Their Banquets/Proms


This past weekend at Bethpage High School, the Junior Banquet and Senior Citizen Prom took place on back-to-back nights. At both events—though quite different—the attendees and those who ran the shows all had a remarkable time.

“I thought the photo booth was a nice touch,” said junior Katie Coyne. “I thought they did a very nice job this year.”

By all accounts, the junior banquet was a good time for all that proceeded without incident.  The junior banquet is a rite of passage in the United States, with students renting tuxedos, buying dresses, and renting limos all across the land come late April/early May.  Thankfully, BHS’s own Hollywood-themed banquet was an unqualified success this year.

Junior class advisor Ms. Sherry said, “All the students were great with both the decorating and the banquet itself. I was impressed at how well-behaved and polite the kids were before, during, and after this event.”

On Sunday night, senior citizen partiers descended on BHS as the school hosted the senior citizen prom, a feature that has gone on for many years.  Seniors danced the night away as BHS students and faculty served food and facilitated the good times. The BHS students who helped run the event got to learn the many different dances from back in the day from “The Stroll” to various different line dances. Also, the seniors learned a couple of dances from our generation such as the “Cuban Shuffle.” It just goes to show that new dogs can learn old tricks.


senior citizen prom prom (4) prom (1) prom

“The seniors really love hanging out with the kids,” said Mrs. Sestak, who ran the senior citizen prom once again this year alongside Mrs. Way. “It is our favorite event of the year.”

            Although positioned at opposite ends of the age spectrum, both nights were full of fun and learning experiences.