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Body Parts Found in Bethpage


Now, there’s a headline we at The Eagle’s Cry don’t see every day! First, a little backstory: two human arms and a leg were found in the town of Babylon in early March by a high school student. The police said the arms seemed to be those of a man. 

Days after this event, more body parts were found a little closer to home: at Bethpage State Park. These seemed to belong to a woman this time. 

The motive of a “love triangle” has added a new dimension to the case, shedding light on a possible motive for the gruesome crime. Investigators will likely delve deeper into the relationships between the victims and the suspect to determine the exact circumstances that led to their deaths.

Authorities are continuing to piece together the timeline of events and gather evidence in order to build a case, but what we do know is that the discovery of the additional remains in different locations suggests that the crime may have been carefully planned and carried out. The Long Island body parts case has seen more human remains found, leading investigators to believe they are from the same victims. Authorities have made at least one arrest and are exploring the possibility previously stated; of a love triangle as the potential motive. 

The suspect allegedly chopped up his girlfriend and another man he believed she was unfaithful with. The Suffolk County Police Department’s investigation led them to three locations where additional remains were discovered. One of the victims has been identified as a 59-year-old woman, while the other, a 53-year-old man, is tentatively identified. The police have stated that this is an isolated incident and there is no threat to the public.

As the investigation progresses, more details may emerge about the suspect and any accomplices involved in the disposal of the remains. We’ll make sure to provide a second update as soon as the killer is found.

Overall, this case highlights the importance of thorough investigations and the dedication of law enforcement officials in solving complex and heinous crimes. The public can rest assured that there is no immediate threat, as police have stated that this appears to be an isolated incident.

We asked Bethpage students how they feel about the body parts being found so close to us. BHS junior Hamna Arshad said, “It’s terrifying, and I don’t know if I feel as safe in Bethpage anymore.”

Some students expressed curiosity, like BHS sophomore Samreen Ghotra, who asked, “Why Bethpage?” Another sophomore asked, “Why would a person even do that?”

It is truly a horrifying event but the police department is doing their best to solve this case. We’ll keep you updated.

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