BHS Predictions: NBA Offseason


Although Summer is the offseason for the NBA it is still probably just as chaotic as the regular season and playoffs. Since I will not be in school to write about the craziness that will go on in the NBA world this summer. I’m going to go ahead and see if I can predict what happens. 


Denver Nuggets win the NBA Championship

As of right now the series is 2-1 in favor of the Nuggets with game 4 coming up in Miami. But the end of this series won’t be until after school is over. I firmly believe that the Nuggets close the series out in 5 games. A bonus prediction is Nikola Jokic stamps his legacy by winning the NBA Finals MVP. 


 Chris Paul will sign with the Los Angeles Lakers

About 15 years after the NBA vetoed a trade that would’ve sent CP3 to the Lakers to play with Kobe Bryant. Chris Paul will finally get his shot to play for the premier team in  SOCAL and do it with his Banana Boat brother Lebron James. After recently being waived by the Suns Chris Paul is a free agent and can sign wherever he wants. I expect him to take a small contract to have a chance to win the championship that has long eluded him. 


James Harden will go back to the Houston Rockets

Harden was one of the best players in the league during his tenure in Houston, winning an MVP and coming close to a Finals appearance multiple times. He abandoned ship when the Rockets started a massive rebuild a couple of years ago. But the Rockets seem to be out of the weeds with the hiring of Ime Udoka and having talented young players Jalen Green and Jabari Smith Jr. If I had to guess I’d say Harden goes back to H-town giving everything he has knowing it may be his last shot at a title.


The San Antonio Spurs will acquire an All-Star to pair with Victor Wembanyama 

After winning the Draft Lottery the Spurs now hold the most coveted first overall pick in years. They now have the ability to take 7 ‘5 French prodigy Victor Wembanyama. Considering their legendary coach Gregg Popovich doesn’t have many coaching years left I think that he may want to make a splash by acquiring an All star level player to play with the most highly touted prospect in decades to accelerate their rebuild process. I could see a guy like Jaylen Brown wearing the black and silver if he’s available this offseason. 


Damian Lillard finally gets traded

After years of being the best thing in the wasteland that is Portland Oregon it’s about time Damian Lillard leaves the franchise that has failed him over the last decade. The Trail Blazers have been completely non competitive over the last couple of years with Lillard still playing at an All-NBA level. All fans understand that loyalty means everything to Lillard but also we all understand that the Blazers are years away from championship contention and time is not on Lillard’s side. I could see the Lakers, Nets, 76ers as possible destinations.