The Eagle’s Cry Predicts: The March Madness Champion

The only thing that matters in March to me and many other sports fans across the country, is March Madness. With 64 teams participating only one can be crowned the champion. In this article me and my fellow sports editors—James Mertz, Brett Jassey, and Jake McAuliffe—will be breaking down who we think will be this year’s national champion of college basketball.


Ackerly’s Pick: Alabama 

Let’s chalk about Alabama. The Crimson Tide are far and away the most complete team in this year’s NCAA tournament. Alabama has been rolling and earned a well-deserved one seed. I think Alabama has quite an easy path to the final four and are located on the weaker side of the bracket. I personally do not see a legitimate threat to the Tide until they reach the national championship game. Even then, I think the Crimson Tide are just too good to be defeated. It is rare that an overall one seed wins the tournament—which has cautioned me to select Alabama as my champion—but I have faith in this team. No longer just a football school, the Alabama Crimson Tide will win this year’s college basketball national championship. 


Mertz’s Pick: UCLA

The Bruins have been on the precipice of a National Championship over the last few years and I think this year they finally get it done. Led by stars Jaime Jaquez and Tyger Campbell this is the year that Natty comes back to SOCAL. Why is this my pick? I don’t know but I’m riding with  another blue blood like Kansas last year. Just believe. It was always UCLA. If I’m wrong it doesn’t matter because this is March and nobody knows what’s going to happen.


Jassey’s Pick: Texas

Texas played rock solid basketball all season in the Big 12, NCAA’s hardest conference this season, and walked away the Big 12 Champs, beating top seeds including Kansas all season long. One of the most experienced teams in the tournament (made the last two tourneys too), their leader, 5th year senior and 3rd-team All American Marcus Carr will bring intensity on both sides of the ball. This Longhorns team has what it takes to finally go all the way.


McAuliffe’s Pick: Baylor  

Sometimes in life, you just have a hunch. Going into the tournament 22-10, being a 3 seed, they are not by any means favorites on anyone’s list. But in March, you have to expect the unexpected. Especially with games earlier in the season, such as the win against the now 2 seeded Texas, while the Bears were missing NBA Lottery bound guard Keynote George out with an injury, shows this Baylor team has depth and can get it done. This may not be everyone’s pick, but don’t be surprised if they creep up come April.