Was The Halftime Performance a Waste of Time This Year?


Every year, millions of people gather around their TV’s or even go to one very special event. This event has been publicized for three main reasons:

  1. It’s the Super Bowl
  2. The commercials
  3. The half-time show

Whether or not you enjoy sports, many people across the world watch specifically for the half-time event. This year, the halftime show was extremely hyped up. None other than the infamous Rihanna was in charge of this immensely popular show. Since then, people debated on whether or not she could’ve done more to make it even better than it was. The Eagle’s Cry interviewed students at BHS asking their opinions on this year’s halftime show. 

BHS sophomore, Gio Dupuy said, “The halftime show was an absolute L (which means a loss). If I was up there, I would do better.” 

BHS sophomore Ava Falabella said, “For someone who has such amazing hits, she did not display them well. The order was horrible and the performance was not good either. I get that she is pregnant but I expected more from the queen, herself.” 

However, others like BHS sophomore Allie O’Shea disagree. She explains, “It was fantastic. I don’t think anyone pregnant could’ve done it better.” 

Additionally, many were pretty conflicted and didn’t know how to feel. 

Sophomore Alyssa Selva reveals, “Honestly I really liked it. But, I expected her to move around more and maybe have an outfit change or something instead of just standing on a platform for 13 minutes.” 

BHS sophomore Julia Baumbach said, “Her vocals were good but the choreography was not it.” 

Sophomore Kate O’Callaghan agreed. Kate claims, “I thought the background dancers were good and the songs were good. But, she could’ve done a lot more with it.” 

In our opinion, the halftime show was mediocre at best. Fan-favorite songs like Disturbia and Shut up and Drive were missing from the performance which disappointed many fans. Also, the choreography was lacking. Considering her recent pregnancy announcement, Rhianna did a decent job putting on a show. Nonetheless, her backup dancers had no excuse for boring, sloppy movements that shouldn’t even be considered dancing. Between the missed opportunities in the setlist and bland costumes, the 2023 halftime show simply cannot compare to prior performances like Katy Perry at Super Bowl 50, and Coldplay at Super Bowl 49.

Whether or not you enjoyed this year’s halftime performance, Rhianna still deserves credit for putting on an entertaining show for millions of people.