A Reflection on the 2022 BHS Pep Rally


Each year, students at BHS prepare for the annual Homecoming game along with the traditional Pep Rally. On October 20th, 2022, students, athletes, and parents came together to celebrate their Bethpage Pride. 

Multiple fall sports teams competed in games including girls and boys varsity soccer, volleyball, cross country, girls swim, tennis, football, kickline, and cheerleading. In addition to these varsity teams, the marching band came to show their spirit. They performed songs before the teams walked onto the field to excite the crowd. The crowd was made up of mostly JV teams and parents supporting their classmates in the games.

Two games were played throughout the night. The first game required ten players from each team. Each member had to run a water balloon from one side of the field to the other. To make the game more competitive, the players wore flippers instead of shoes. Kickline and girls soccer were neck and neck for first place, but kickline popped the balloon, eliminating them. The girls varsity soccer team ran the water balloon between sides first, making them the winners of the first competition.

Following the flipper relay race, the varsity kickline and cheer team swapped places for a performance creating the “cheer-line.” They each had one day to learn the other dances. After each game, both teams performed their usual dances. They both gave energetic performances and were really entertaining. Sophomore Izzy Romero, a member of kickline, said, “It was fun and easy. It’s not that much different.”

After the cheer-line performance, four players from each team played a game similar to Simon Says, called Ships and Sailors. Health and Physical Education teacher, Mr. Shanahan was in charge of this game. He announced each of the commands and made sure to hype up the crowd. The Eagle’s Cry discussed with Mr. Shanahan about his experience with his first Bethpage Pep Rally. He said, “It [Ships and Sailors] was great because I was able to make all my own rules, and the game itself went really awesome!”

However, some people believe that our school needs to do more during the school day. Out-of-state schools such as Walt Whitman High School in Maryland, combine Battle of the Classes with the Pep Rally. Junior Logan Zindler at Walt Whitman said, “It’s always a fun time watching the whole school come together for battle of the classes.” 

Additionally, Mr. Shanahan revealed, “The nature of Pep Rally is a lot of just getting the school and the community around all of the other teams.”

 He added that including more games would make it similar to Battle of the Classes. The addition of Battle of the Classes to the Pep Rally can increase attendance. 

Mr. Malossi had a strong opinion on the Pep Rally. “Love a good Pep Rally, school spirit booster, you know it helps out the fall sports athletes cause they see that everyone’s behind them but IT DOESN’T help the fall sports athletes…” 

Mr. Malossi attended Bayport Blue Point High School and at the time  Pep Rally started during 6th period.

 “It was an amazing experience,” he added. At Bayport Blue Point High School, the students would sit with their grades and do more group bonding activities.

Sophomore Gabby Hernandez at BHS said, “Typically with other Pep Rallies they have it during the day. Even at the Middle school.” Soaring Eagles Day was a fun time to get the school together at JFK.

The term Pep means “energy and high spirits; liveliness.” But does the BHS pep rally truly boost the teams’ pep? 

Although the BHS pep rally can improve, overall it is a good time for students to have fun with their teammates, friends, and get excited about their upcoming fall sporting events. Let’s boost the Pep Rally!