Happy Halloweek and happy Thursday y’all. It’s week 8, you know the drill by now. First let’s recap this past week of NFL action. 


Last Weeks Locks

Tom Brady, I still hate you. You know Tom I always hate betting against you and now I hate betting on you. You left your family behind just to be defeated by the XFL MVP and his lowly supporting cast, thus ruling my lock a failure. Mertz’s lock was a solid pick as the New York football Giants kept the hype train rolling, defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars in a close game. 


Last Weeks Upsets

0/2 is the story in this one. Mertz and I’s upsets did not go as planned when the Houston Texans and Detroit Lions both failed to pull one off. Well, they call them upsets for a reason. 


Total Result

Mertz and I drew this week at 9-5 a piece. That still leaves Mertz in first with our yearly totals of

44-15 and 37-22, respectively. 


Week 8

That was all for week 7, now onto week 8. 


Yo Mertz…get us started brotha.


Mertz’s Lock Of The Week

Last week the Panthers upset the GOAT Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. Well I’m here to tell you this team—who just traded their best player—are not winning two weeks in a row. The Falcons are built to win the NFC South and they will get back on track with an easy home win against the sorry Carolina Panthers. 


Atlanta Falcons def. Carolina Panthers


Mertz’s Upset Alert!

This is a gross pick but it seems like the Commies of Washington like Taylor Heinicke a lot more than Carson Wentz. They won last week against a better Green Bay team and this week they will go on the road and beat a better Colts team. 


Washington Commanders def. Indianapolis Colts


The Rest Of Mertz’s Picks

Baltimore Ravens def. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Jacksonville Jaguars def. Denver Broncos

New England Patriots def. New York Jets

Dallas Cowboys def. Chicago Bears

Arizona Cardinals def. Minnesota Vikings

Miami Dolphins def. Detroit Lions

Las Vegas Raiders def. New Orleans Saints

Philadelphia Eagles def. Pittsburgh Steelers

Tennessee Titans def. Houston Texans

New York Giants def. Seattle Seahawks 

San Francisco 49ers def. Los Angeles Rams

Buffalo Bills def. Green Bay Packers

Cincinnati Bengals def. Cleveland Browns


Thanks Mertzy, now on to my own picks. 


Ackerly’s Lock Of The Week

As a cheesehead myself, I don’t know what to say. It has been a disappointing beginning to the 2022 NFL season as the Packers have started an abysmal 3-4, which is unacceptable for our standards. The offense is not clicking, the defense hasn’t shown up, and the special teams are very start-stop. On the complete other hand the Buffalo Bills have been nothing short of elite this football season. Matched up against the NFL’s best football team on Sunday night is definitely not what the Packers need to get back on track and turn this thing around. This one might end in total destruction. 


Buffalo Bills def. Green Bay Packers


Ackerly’s Upset Alert!

Now I know what you’re going to say, RoBbIe HoW iS tHe RaVeNs BeAtInG tHe BuCs An UpSeT? While yes—the Ravens have the better record and in my eyes the better team—the boys over in Vegas are givin’ em points for this Thursday’s matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. For those of you unfamiliar with the terms I just used, the Ravens are the odds on underdogs going into their game vs Brady and his squad. Betting against Tom is always a risk, but in this case a struggling Tampa team who could not get past the XFL’s finest will fall to one of the most electrifying offenses the NFL has to offer. 


 Baltimore Ravens def. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 


The Rest Of Ackerly’s Picks

Denver Broncos def. Jacksonville Jaguars 

Carolina Panthers def. Atlanta Falcons

New York Jets def. New England Patriots

Dallas Cowboys def. Chicago Bears

Minnesota Vikings def. Arizona Cardinals

Miami Dolphins def. Detroit Lions

Las Vegas Raiders def. New Orleans Saints

Philadelphia Eagles def. Pittsburgh Steelers

Houston Texans def. Tennessee Titans

Washington Commanders def. Indianapolis Colts 

Seattle Seahawks def. New York Giants

Los Angeles Rams def. San Francisco 49ers

Cleveland Browns def. Cincinnati Bengals 


Another week in the books for Mertz and I. Let us know what you think and leave your predictions in the comments down below. Have a phenomenally spooky week everyone.