Erin and Santina’s Dos and Don’ts for Prom Dresses


The 2022 senior class prom is extra special this year: with no official junior prom last year, students are more excited than ever to plan their dresses this year. To ensure no one has the same prom dress, many schools have Instagram pages or group chats for girls to send pictures of their dress to make sure no two dresses are the same.  

This year, tight-fitting dresses are very popular. As the prom is in the very early summer, the vibrant colors are definitely a fan favorite. The traditional colors like red, royal blue, all shades of pink and emerald green have made an appearance already on social media. Here are some responses to what dresses are hot right now:

Erin Conway—I love the simple, tight-dress look. Since the beginning of high school, I have been obsessed with satin dresses. My own prom dress this year is a tight, satin, olive-green dress with a halter neck and bow in the back. The look of satin has such a sophisticated and clean appeal. The color olive-green is a very unique and earthy shade. The dress is designed by Jessica Angel, who’s known for having many gorgeous pieces. In fact, many of my friends also have dresses from Jessica Angel this year. With all her dresses coming in 111 colors, it is very easy to find one that best fits you. Although my dress is a neutral color this year, I’m obsessed with the bright and vibrant colors. Being that senior prom is in June the vibrant shades are perfect for the summer. Colors like hot pink, royal blue, and purple easily catch the eye. Vibrant shades aren’t the only colors good for the summer though. Pastel colors like purple, yellow, pink, and blue look amazing on many different complexions. In my opinion, I am not a big fan of dresses with too much going on. Although many of the dresses are very pretty, I personally do not like that style on my own body. I like a simple look and like to add to the look through my makeup, hair, and accessories. 

Santina Lonardo—My preference for my senior prom dress is tight-fitting. I am a huge fan of dresses with detail. I prefer sparkles and rhinestones. Popular stores in which I heard girls go to get their dresses are Estelles, Dress Gala, Chic Boutique, and Ask Alice. I’ve heard really great reviews about all of them.