Genetics are super- interesting and important in several facets of life, from health to height. However we often undermine the fact that emotionally, we are so similar to our creators. The craziest part is that even if you never met a parent for some strange circumstance, the parallels can be striking at times.

In my own experience, I have had limited interaction with my father, although this is no plague to my psyche. That being said, I am a dead ringer for my mother physically and mentally.

Some say that our personalities are learned, and its not innate to be an angry person or insecure, but this is very much not true.

My mother has never suffered from chronic sadness, she’s struggled on occasion sure, but who hasn’t? Life is crazy in the sense that I am very caring, just like my mother, but have a completely different brilliance and perspective on the world.

This isn’t even just individuality, because my father, who I have spoken to briefly in the past, yet heard so much about shares striking similarities to me. An artistic and lost soul, my father is like me in certain senses. Whether or not this is something I’m okay with, I’m unsure, but in the words of a wise man “Whether for good or bad, we are cut from the same cloth”. I think we can all learn from that, and put our genetics into perspective.