The Eloquence Of IGOR


An enigma to the world, Tyler, The Creator, is one of the most interesting humans you may never have heard of. For those who aren’t aware of him, Tyler, The Creator, is a rapper that hopped into the scene in the mid 2000s, and is best described as an artist who has always struggled finding his own sound. Early in his career, he pushed limits of what is deemed socially acceptable to do and say. He belonged to a small group of edge lords that referred to themselves as The Wolf Gang, and they had a saying “Odd Future Golf Wang Kill Them All”. 

However, this rough exterior is merely a farce. The True Creator named Tyler,  early on showed glimmers of a softer, more emotional side of himself in his earlier albums, Bastard, Goblin, and Cherry Bomb, with songs like Answer, Colossus, Smuckers, and OKAGA, which I urge you to lend a listening ear to . However to the surprise of many long standing fans of TyTy The Create Man, his fourth studio album, Flower Boy sounded like the inside of a teenage girl’s mind, madly in love with a boy. Strangely, that was the motive of the album. The glittery, mushy, and loveable tone in Flower Boy is undeniably charming, as all can relate to its messages and themes. Several songs such as Glitter, Boredom, Where This Flower Blooms, and 911/ Mr. Lonely, are absolutely gorgeous in composition, and it feels more realistic, as Tyler’s voice is finally being let out. The entirety of the album, including its name, is a hint towards The Creator’s homosexuality, or bisexuality, which he often alludes to, keeping his fans guessing, not that it matters, but such a factor would be highly influential to his overall sound, and have a huge effect on his previous and future works.

Now, onto the obvious. Tyler, The Creator, gained major notice after the release of his 2019 album, IGOR. He was awarded a grammy for this absolute masterpiece. Now the album begins with a funky techno-beat, that isn’t particularly deep, but highly memorable and likeable. The album is notable for having songs titled in all caps, some with asterisks, which makes one question the significance of such a detail. Sparing all details of the album, song for song, (which I would do if people had the interest or attention span to read but) this album tells a story that changes, every, single, time that you listen to it. Whether one perceives it as a metaphorical love story in the head of one whose heart yearns for their counterpart, or the story of an unrequited homosexual love between a psychopath, madly in love with a closeted man who seeks desperately to get over the love and pain he’s felt, and his willingness to sacrifice or do anything to preserve his “love”, to such an extent that murder seems a viable option. The beginning of the album describes an idealistic love that exceeds appearance, with fluttery beats and soft vocals to boot. The 5th track has a sound of desperation, and a theme of drowning in stress, an obsession for the possession of love. Then something strange occurs, around the 6th track on the album, and the change is dark. It has the “old tyler” feel with heavy beats, lyrics, and themes. Titled “NEW MAGIC WAND” this composition describes how he wants to make some third party disappear, which insinuates trouble in paradise. The overall theme is that Tyler has a new magic wand, which one can infer is a gun, which he wishes to make someone disappear with, so him and the other “can finally be together”. 

The whole album is overall light-hearted, with really dark undertones that solidify the overall message and idea of intense hurt over love. I implore you to listen, and stay tuned, as I will be releasing a mini-story with a track by track breakdown of the entire album.