How Bethpage Students Feel Regarding the Coronavirus. 

How Bethpage Students Feel Regarding the Coronavirus. 

Who would have ever thought the coronavirus would become a huge issue that Americans had to worry about? There were minor problems regarding the virus and small talks here and there, but now, all you see on the news is the virus. When will it end? How are students in Bethpage coping with this news? 

I asked some Bethpage students on their take of this situation: 

“I feel like it’s serious, but it’s unnecessary for people to fight over toilet paper and cleared most of the shelves in grocery stores with nothing left for others who really need them,” said senior Rosanna Ng.

I personally went to supermarkets only to find empty shelves and almost half of the stores cleared out. This whole situation is truly chaotic; people do go crazy over groceries, fearing they will not have any supplies in the future. 

Stress accompanies the paranoia of this virus. But Americans need to realize that we are not the only ones combating this virus; it’s the whole world.

“The news is generally always about the coronavirus; it seems like we will never escape it. I’ve been coping with it by continuing to do my day-to-day activities. I feel like some normality is needed among all the stress in the world right now,” said junior Wiley Miller. 


What are some things we can do to help cope with this surreal situation? 

  1. Listen to some music or watch movies
  2. Play games with your families 
  3. Go on short walks, careful to remain at least 6 feet away from others
  4. Take a ride on your bike/skateboard/scooter. 
  5. Don’t stress over assignments teachers give!