The VERBATIM interview: Ms.D’lleva Part 2



Every student has their all-time favorite teacher, who they’ll look back on once they’re an adult and reminisce over memories. Ms. D’Alleva was my earth science teacher in sophmore year, i can not fathom how much I miss her. She was one of the only teachers who went out of her way to make sure I got the help I needed and if i was feeling well mentally. Whenever I was absent, she was the first teacher to ask me if everything was alright and if there was anything she could do to help. Once I move onto college and start doing adult things, I will literally cry in my dorm room because of how much I miss her. 

I scheduled an interview with Ms. D’Alleva for November 19th and welcomed my serious and not-so serious questions with open arms. 


The Eagles Cry: Did you miss me? Do you miss Ashley? 


Mrs. D’Alleva:  Oh my gosh, yeah absolutely! As you may know, I’m very attached to my students. We develop a great connection over the ten months teaching time. I became very connected to your class and others that I taught that year. One of my fondest memories would be the 10th grade teaching I had that year. 


The Eagles Cry: What’s your favorite brand of coffee? 


Mrs. D’Alleva: Starbucks is a little too strong for me and my taste, I don’t know if you agree. It’s unnecessarily expensive. Every now and then I might treat myself to Dunkin’ Donuts but I do have K-cups that I make occasionally, but all my coffee must be consumed earlier on in the day. I don’t like it interfering with my sleep or afterschool activities. 


The Eagles Cry: How did you feel when you were recognized as a “Woman of Distinction”?


Mrs. D’Alleva: I didn’t think anyone would see and I was almost praying no one would (the article on BHS website). I was so overwhelmed… I was just speechless when I first got my letter but I was also uncomfortable to be put into the spotlight. Mainly because I don’t really see myself as a uniquely capable teacher. I think we do have a good staff and for me to be singled out made me feel that it was almost an unnecessary recognition. It was quite an honor, they do a wonderful ceremony. I just don’t want anyone to feel that they are incapable of ever earning that. I truly believe there are many distinctive teachers at this school.   


The Eagles Cry: What college did you go to? 


Mrs. D’Alleva: I went to the University of Connecticut, until my mom became ill and it was a serious enough illness to mark my returning back to attend local colleges to see what her situation would become. She eventually passed, so I did manage to get back up to Uconn for my final semester. My college history was kind of colorful. Life throws you a curve ball every now and then but it will always benefit you in other ways. 


The Eagles Cry: What’s some advice you would give to someone starting college?


Mrs. D’Alleva: To be open to new experiences. you may have gone to a certain college with a specific major in mind, but upon arriving you might want to experience something new that you have found a liking to. It might be a career turning for you, going to college isn’t just defining your path but experimenting with different things. 


   Throughout my interview with Mrs. D’Alleva, I’ve realized that I was starting to adore her more than ever! Starting with funny questions all the way to my serious ones, she answered them with honesty and enjoyment. Aside from being a wonderful science teacher at Bethpage High School, she is an amazing woman and I’m so happy I was taught by her. She is a role model to me and many others.


We love you, Mrs. D’Alleva. 

I love you, Mrs. D’Alleva. 


You truly are a Woman of Distinction.