Verbatim Interview: Ms. Villanueva


Ms. Danielle Villanueva, the new French teacher, has joined us at  Bethpage High School. Since she is new to the school, people are bubbling with questions to ask her. In order to learn more about her, The Eagle’s Cry decided we had to speak with her. 

The Eagle’s Cry: Have you always wanted to be a teacher? 

Danielle Villanueva: “Yes, I always knew that I wanted to be one.”

The Eagle’s Cry: What is your favorite part of your job?

Danielle Villanueva: “My favorite part is probably getting to know all the kids and everybody.”

The Eagle’s Cry: What languages can you speak?

Danielle Villaneva: “French, Spanish and English.”

The Eagle’s Cry: Which one is your favorite?

Danielle Villanueva: “La Francais!” 

The Eagle’s Cry: Why did you choose to speak French? 

Danielle Villanueva: “Well, when I was in college I knew I wanted to major in Spanish, but everyone told me that I wasn’t going to get a job unless I got another language to go with it. In high school I took Spanish, Italian and French, so when I was looking for college I looked for whoever had more than one available. I went to Cortland and ended up taking Spanish and French.” 

The Eagle’s Cry: How do you like being a teacher at BHS so far?

Danielle Villanueva: “It’s awesome. It’s a lot of fun. All you guys are so great and so hard working which makes my job a lot easier. It’s actually been sublime so far.” 

The Eagle’s Cry: What is the most interesting thing you have ever done outside of school?

Danielle Villanueva: “The most interesting thing is probably that I studied abroad a whole bunch of times, which is pretty interesting.”

The Eagle’s Cry: Where did you go? 

Danielle Villanueva: “I went to France for four months, Mexico for two months and Costa Rica for two months.”

The Eagle’s Cry: Which one was your favorite? 

Danielle Villanueva: “They are all so different but I think Costa Rica was my favorite. It’s all tropical with all these different birds and animals which was a really cool experience. They were all animals that you wouldn’t find normally so it was a really different experience. It was really great.” 

The Eagle’s Cry: What are some hobbies that you have outside of school? 

Danielle Villanueva: “I’m always trying to perfect this craft of teaching and I’m always looking for new ways to teach such as new ways, styles or ways to approach things.”

The Eagle’s Cry: Do you have any pets? 

Danielle Villanueva: “Yes, I have a dog and his name is Fritz, and he’s on my website if you want to take a peek at him.”

The Eagle’s Cry: Can you tell us a little about him? 

Danielle Villanueva: “Sure! He is precious and is now twelve years old. He’s doing great and he is a Schnauzer. Normally they aren’t great looking dogs, but he is so cute and I love him. He is a really special and cute dog.” 

The Eagle’s Cry: What are some things that you like to do? 

Danielle Villanueva: “I like to play with my dog, go to the beach with my boat, and driving my car.” 

The Eagle’s Cry: What is your favorite tv show?

Danielle Villanueva: “Great question! I love the Office. It is my favorite show of all time!”

The Eagle’s Cry: Who is your favorite character? 

Danielle Villanueva: “Dwight for sure, but Michal is great too, and Jim is great for his own reasons. I can go on forever. Also Parks and Recreations is a great show. There are a lot of really good shows on Netflix actually.”

The Eagle’s Cry: Thank you for answering these questions. 

Danielle Villanueva: “No problem and thank you for interviewing me.”