BHS Seniors’ Favorite Lunch Venues

BHS Seniors Favorite Lunch Venues

Going out to lunch is a time-honored tradition of the seniors of Bethpage High School. For as long as this school has existed, it has allowed its eldest students the privilege to leave the building for their lunch periods which allows them a sense of independence almost all dearly appreciate. The 42 minutes may be a small time period but there is plenty that can be done if it’s used properly. There are endless amounts of options of all different cuisines in the local area to choose from.  The Eagle’s Cry decided to find out our senior’s favorite destinations to dine.

Our question: “Describe to me what some of your favorite lunch destinations are and why you enjoy them.”

Nicholas Perelmeter chose Taco Bell. He explained, ”Taco Bell is a staple for me not only because it’s delicious but because it’s cheap and I am very poor.”

John Houston said, “I enjoy Mcdonalds when it comes to fast food but, I always enjoy a nice home cooked Italian meal when I don’t feel like going out somewhere and want to save a few bucks.”

Dylan Enright chose Hawaii Kitchen “because it is a healthy alternative to trashy fast food like Mcdonalds and also because their customer service is out of this world.”

Eirini Drosos was indecisive, “Depending on the day it changes but if I had to pick one spot it would probably have to be Montes because of the wide selection of slices of pizza.”

Ashley Ripalda also has multiple options, “It changes everyday. Some of my favorite places nearby are Three Brothers and Taco Bell. I believe the food offered there is quality and affordable.”

Nicole Jenal enjoys staying more local, “My favorite would have to be Central Deli because they have both good breakfast and lunch options. During fifth period it is not too crowded and the pink lemonade, which is my favorite, is made fresh then.”

Christian Kachadourian has a more strict schedule: “On Fridays it is Monte’s and exclusively Monte’s. Every other day it varies but I often find myself at fireside. Both places provide a wide selection of quality food for an affordable price.” 

A vast majority of seniors in BHS take advantage of the ability to leave and go get a bite to eat for 42 minutes. The small sample size of students questioned would most likely stay true to the entire student body as each individual had a different favorite. But also the fact that multiple students chose Taco Bell and Monte’s as some of their favorite spots would also stay true. I have observed this myself, as every time my friends and I have gone to either establishment, I have seen several other students also there.

The perk is undoubtedly one of the finest decisions this school has made, as it grants its seniors the freedom so many of us desire.