Meet Mr. Anthony Murray, One of BHS’ Most Revered Teachers


When a teacher is able to both inspire and relate to students, he or she is truly teaching students in a different way. And this is a very special thing, to be cherished by all.

Mr. Anthony Murray, a business teacher here at BHS, blends this combination together to educate students in a unique way. The way his students and co-workers respect him speaks volumes to his abilities to from relationships and his ability to teach.

But what do we really know about this talented young teacher?

The Eagle’s Cry decided to find out more.


The Eagle’s Cry:  “As a teacher what friendships have formed relationships and what do you find valuable in a friend”


Mr Murray: “You know what’s funny? Last year, I started in the social studies department, and I became close with them as well as the business department, particularly Mrs. Simpson…the biggest shock to me was coming from the corporate world to the education field.  Here in teaching, colleagues are willing to help you; where I worked before, it was very common that it’s cut-throat. Everyone sitting around you is trying to take your job, not trying to make you better at your job.”  


The Eagle’s Cry:  Please describe experience at Boston College.


Mr Murray:  “I had a great experience at BC, but it was very different for me going from a public high school to a private university. My first year, I was very shocked how much ownership was put on the students as opposed to being in the high school classroom, where they always talked directly to you. I had a great experience, though: I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. But I did not like being up in Boston during the start of the Patriots dynasty…but Boston was fun. I would highly recommend to anyone looking: go to college in the Boston area.”


The Eagle’s Cry: How did your family affect your career?


Mr Murray: “If I weren’t a father, I’m sure I would still be working at Goldman Sachs. I decided to switch careers because I wanted a lifestyle change. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy working there. And with three young children at home, I wanted to spend more time with them. Teaching allows me to be a better father.”


As any sane student reading this can see Mr. Murrary is bound to be just as successful in his new career as he was in his last—as a financial mogul, of course. If he continues to be such a standout personality and be so relatable to all of his students, he will inspire a new generation of financial wizards while also helping those who don’t pursue business become literate in a field that often perplexes average Americans.