Cross Country in Review (From 7 months ago… this aged well!)

The Bethpage Cross Country team had a very successful 2018 season, training since the end of August and finally ending the season at State Qualifiers on Sunday, November 4th.

Cross country races, the 4k and the 5k (meters), are ran at the Bethpage State Park. Rain or shine, dry or muddy course, the team ran countless miles and strived for improvement each race.

The boys’ team finished the season with a number of wins and records set. With captain Aidan Pech and varsity members Ayden Morales, Aidan Monteleone, Patrick Hanley, Dan Sheehan, Sebastian Marano, and Matt Sheehan (state quals team), the boys ran fast times and gave it their all on the course.

The girls’ varsity team didn’t have much of a winning season in terms of placing at meets, because the team is so small, but they ran new personal records and stayed motivated throughout the season. Consisting of captain Doreen Dong and members Heather Nunez, Caroline Murphy, Ashley Milek, Valentina Grgin, Corinne Haney, and Julia Rossini,  the team worked hard and “bonded over how bad it hurts,” in the words of Caroline Murphy. Doreen Dong says “Despite the long practices and sore muscles it was fun bonding with the girls and overall was a successful and a good experience.” The girls’ determination and dedication achieved new PRs from almost all members and a few wins here and there.

The 2018 season was a rewarding one for the Bethpage XC team. Special thanks to our graduating seniors for being integral members of our team. If you are interested in running with our team, please join us for the 2019 season in the upcoming school year. The girls are really struggling to recruit new members. Congratulations to a great season!