Michael Jackson Abuse Scandal


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Michael Jackson’s abuse scandals first started in 1993 while he was still alive. The LAPD investigating the claims that Jackson molested a 13-year-old boy. The police had gotten video tapes but none of them showed any evidence to prove Michael Jackson guilty. While Michael Jackson was on tour in Moscow, he was sued by the family who believed that their son was repeatedly involved in sexual abuse with Jackson. Many believed that this was just part of an extortion attempt- receiving something, usually money, in the form of a threat or force.

    Jackson now had to protect his image for the rest of the world after these allegations came out. Since a young boy brought upon these allegations, Jackson used young boys that he was familiar with to prove his innocence. For example, Wade Robson had been on CNN and described the slumber parties he had with Jackson in his bedroom. This was not enough for Jackson’s name to be cleared because investigations were still going on. James Safechuck, who was in a Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson gave a “ sworn testimony “ on his behalf.

In the newly released documentary, “ Leaving Neverland “ Robson and Safechuck come back to speak about the allegations years after they each gave testimonies when they were younger. What they had to say now, was not the same from what they said many years ago when they were younger and under the influence of Michael Jackson. Safechuck and Robson described the same experiences with Michael Jackson. Although they denied what happened when they were younger, they are coming out now as adults saying that they were not truthful about what actually happened.

For many, it’s hard to believe whether or not Michael Jackson did sexually abuse young boys. Michael Jackson has been a huge influence on pop music for many years even after his death- giving him the name  “ King of Pop “. Many loved him as a musician and looked up to him which may be hard for people to believe what he’s being accused of. It’s hard for him to defend himself with these new allegations in the documentary considering he is no longer alive.

I believe that Michael Jackson did take part in these abuse scandal and that it was easy for him to get out of it while he was alive because he was very popular and money probably got him out of it too for the time being. I interviewed two people in my class to see what they think about the case.


Do you believe that Michael Jackson did sexually abuse young boys?

Patrick- No I do not.


Do you think that if Michael Jackson was still alive, he’d be punished for his actions if he did do it?

Justin- Yes because what he did was one of the most disgusting and inhumane things you can do to somebody, especially a kid.


Do you think it’s easier for celebrities/ well known people to get away or get a lesser punishment in these type of situations as opposed to someone who is not famous.


Patrick- Yes because they have money.


Do you think the boys parents are to blame for letting their kid sleep in Michael Jackson’s bed with him. If he wasn’t famous, do you think the parents would have allowed it?

Justin- Yes the parents are to blame for letting their kid sleep in Michael Jackson’s bed with him at a “ sleepover “. If he wasn’t famous, the parents wouldn’t have allowed it. They only allowed it because he was famous.