Droppin’ at Dusty Divot: Two Takes on Season 4


Jenna Kachadourian’s and Christian Kachadourian’s Take:

Since Fortnite was released in July of 2017, it has gained great popularity and has become loved by players worldwide.Since Fortnite arised, its creator, Epic Games, have had great success, and its popularity has only risen, with people of all genders and ages hooked. “It’s a great stress reliever, and a good way to spend your free time playing with friends” says senior Valentina Bastidas.

As time goes on players are starting to find out it isn’t only a battle royale game, there is a story behind it as well. During season 3 of Fortnite, players saw a meteor spiraling towards the battle royale island. In the newest season of the game, the meteor finally hit, and it wasn’t on Titled Towers like many presumed. The meteor took out Dusty Depot, making it Dusty Diviot. Many other additions were added to the game, including a new superhero theme, allowing players to purchase a Battle Pass, or some new outfits and dances. One of the most popular being the new dance “Orange Justice”. This dance was made to calm to thousands of furious fans after the boogie down contest winner was revealed. The fan-favorite, now named “Orange shirt kid” did not win and only placed 23rd. But after days of protests Epic decided to put him into the game with the caption “It’s also a great exercise move”, a quote coined by the out-of-breath boy after his dance.

Even more exciting, Ashland University in Ohio has recently announced its own Fortnite scholarship. The school is offering $4,000 towards their eSports program, and holding open auditions in the near future. Josh Buchanan, the schools eSports coach explains Fortnite enables gamers to unlock their creativity, and “show off their mastery of their skills.” They’re even working on creating a gaming center for the school, to expand the program.

So, if you’re a diehard Fortnite user, hop on your console and get playing Season Four of the game. Hey, it might even get you a scholarship.


Gavin Trzcinski, Brandon Bestany, Andrew Lee’s Take:

Fortnite Season 4 has begun with a bang! This bang was the destruction of Dusty Depot. It has finally happened: the meteor has struck the map and taken away one of the more popular places to drop. But in its place, Epic Games has given players the new “Dusty Divot.”

In this new crater, there is a futuristic setup around the meteor. In addition to new buildings, there are also anti gravity crystals, which let you run faster and jump higher. With these crystals, there is no telling what could happen in a battle.

Bethpage High School teacher, Mr .Malossi said,  “the crystals and dusty divot are my favorite addition to the game.”

Dusty Divot was not the only thing added this update: a new secret base with a missile sticking out of the top of it graces the map as well. Who knows what is to come of it? Maybe it will take out another location on the map. This is the time for everyone to place their bets on what will happen next.

A lot of smaller new locations and  and some craters are also scattered throughout the map.  One of the major places that got hit with a crater was the prison right outside of moisty mire. Another less important crater is the one outside of junk junction, in addition to this small crater, there is a small factory was also added in with a movie set.

Overall this update brings players a refreshing feel to the game. Season 4 is already up to a great start, and the fortnight success is only beginning.