Students Visit the Brooklyn Museum


This past Friday, 30 BHS students from Mr. Verdi’s and Ms. Cardo’s classes went on a field trip to the Brooklyn Museum, which is one of the largest museums in the city, and houses art from different eras and of different styles.

The main feature of the trip was Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party.”  This feminist exhibit features 39 place settings around a table honoring important women throughout history, and 999 other women’s names written on the tiles surrounding the table.  Some of the women include Hatshepsut, Sacajawea, Elizabeth I, and Margaret Sanger, all who set precedents for women by being strong leaders and pioneers in their fields.  

“I liked how it portrayed such powerful women in a different perspective.” said BHS Senior Erin Ward.

The adjacent exhibit was “The Roots of “The Dinner Party”: History in the Making.”  This explained the background of Judy Chicago’s vision, and included prototypes for plates, sketches, and banners that compliment the room.

Senior Rachel Heym said, “I really liked seeing the different plates made for influential women throughout history.”

The museum homes many other exhibits that the students got to enjoy as well.