What Should You Expect on the SAT?


Many students want to graduate high school and attend college to earn a degree based on their major towards their future career. However, it can be a difficult situation: which colleges can you get into?

Before you enter a college, you must meet all its requirements, especially the SAT—a standardized college admission exam with questions based on your current standards in reading, writing and language, and math with sections with a calculator and without a calculator.

First, there is a PSAT, offered in October that prepares you for the SAT. The PSAT is structured for sophomores and juniors. Juniors who take the PSAT can apply for the National Merit Scholarship, a scholarship awarded to students who do exceptionally well on the test. The PSAT is similar to what the SAT is like but the SAT has an essay, the test is longer, and only the SAT is used for college admissions.

Typically, the SAT is offered in August, October, November, December, March, May, and June. The SAT is sometimes offered at Bethpage High School; this year, it is offered in November, May, and June at BHS. In the other months, the SAT is offered in different locations around Long Island.

Many students have to prepare because there will be a lot of questions and not so much to remember from them and you may have to take it a few times to get the score required for your college. However, students can practice for the SAT anytime on using the Castle Learning’s Method Test Prep, and Khan Academy. These websites show you the basics, how you do on each lesson, and what you’ll notice when you take the test. Method Test Prep also has review classes here at Bethpage High School for some extra review, you can register for them on their website (www.methodtestprep.com/bethpage).

Some students think they don’t like the structure of the SAT, some of them will “like the ACT because it is easier.” like BHS senior Jill Granata. Although, the ACT is a little similar to the SAT, the ACT has more math than english; it also has science material on it, and it is scored differently than the SAT is scored.

If you struggle preparing for the SAT, using College Board, Naviance, Method Test Prep review classes, Castle Learning’s Method Test Prep, or Khan Academy, please stop by Mr. Kenny or your guidance counselor in the guidance office and they can assist you.