Get Ready to Binge-Watch

Get Ready to Binge-Watch

As October and Halloween roll back around and the spirit of all things dark and dismal returns, Netflix is scaring us even more this frightening time of the year. Nearly 50 beloved movies and tv-shows we have clutched dearly to our hearts over the years are being taken off Netflix this month.

Titles from classic movies like The Titanic or even some relatively newer films like certain seasons of American Horror Story are bidding farewell. As Netflix strives to make room for newer shows like season 2 of Stranger Things, it is removing titles that many of us have appreciated for years. This is provoking some frustration in the Netflix community, especially those who hold shows like One Tree Hill dear in their hearts.

And Netflix isn’t just stopping in October. Each month, they plan to remove even more titles, and continue adding newer films, that some watchers may be unfamiliar with. Many individuals are protesting these cuts, and even threatening to terminate their accounts. “Its pretty ridiculous they’re taking off so many shows,” says junior Gracie Carney, “but at least it’ll keep me from procrastinating on some stuff!” Rumors of Netflix upping their prices have also been circulating, only adding to the frustration of diehard watchers. Cries of disapproval are popping up around social media regarding Netflix, and many are urging members to protest and voice their anger about the popular streaming program’s new ways. Senior Nikki Monoyos believes “it is sad, as [she] can’t watch many of her favorite movies anymore.”

As disappointing as this new may be, there’s no need to fear. While it may be sentimental to see the departure of beloved titles like Friday Night Lights, viewers will have the opportunity to watch up to date shows, and give viewers a breath of fresh air with a considerable amount of new material, like Mindhunter, being released on October 13th, which follows FBI agent’s hopes to get into the heads of criminals, and see how such individuals may think.

So although the news of some of your favorite titles leaving ‘Flix are of course disappointing, viewers still have some time to bundle up and binge their favorite shows before they leave. Get watchin’!