Jessica Penna, Reporter

About a month before Halloween of 2016, “killer” clowns were “running rabid” across America, spooking every person in sight…according to multiple reports. The clowns were so infamous, they were all over news stations across the country. Whether they were just posers or actually harmful, driving down the street and seeing a clown would be quite the “horror show.” These clowns were getting so much attention that most schools had to either go on lockdown or wouldn’t let kids go out during recess. Everyone lost their cool and started following accounts on Twitter to find where they were going next.  

“Apparently they’re everywhere,” said Samantha Kammerer, who hasn’t seen any clowns yet and hopes to avoid them.

Safe Halloween

Speaking of killer clowns, clown costumes are OFF LIMITS this year at Safe Halloween. What is Safe Halloween, you ask? Year after year, Bethpage High School features a community activity for all ages to join in, where BHS students join their sports teams and clubs to dress up in costumes for young trick or treaters. It incorporates a Haunted hallway, which in previous years has made many kids turn around in fright and tears.

Ms. Way said, “Safe halloween is a great event for the elementary kids to trick-or-treat in a fun environment, but it is also an opportunity for the high school students to be creative and give the younger kids a special and perhaps scary–(cue evil laugh)–experience.”    

Come join us on Friday, October 28th, from 6-8pm.