Bethpage Enjoys BHS Senior (Citizen) Prom


On Sunday, April 17, 2016, student council held its annual Senior Citizen Prom in the gym at the high school. Each year, Ms. Way gathers a group of students to work the prom and wait on the senior citizens. The senior citizen prom is always the day after junior prom and has the same theme. This year’s theme was The Great Gatsby, and many students and seniors were dressed festively in flapper dresses, pearls, and boas, some of the seniors’ accoutrements were even authentic. At the end of the prom each year, all of the decorations from the night are set up in someone’s office. This year, Mr. Healy got his office covered in Gatsby decorations.

Several teachers helped with the prom—including Mrs. Sestak, Mrs. Communale, and Mrs. Feyrer—to make sure everything went over smoothly.

Ms. Sestak said, “Student council does many events each year, but senior citizen prom is by far my favorite.”

Many of the senior citizens even remembered students from years past. Although it is an amazing event to be a part of, it is definitely a lot of work. You have to constantly be alert and paying attention to your table and make sure your table is constantly taken care of.

As greeters, our job was to take their names to enter them in a raffle, take their tickets, and give them party favors. After doing this for about an hour and a half, we were sent inside to wait on tables. As waitresses, we were responsible for getting drinks for the seniors and bringing them their salads. The drink table was run by three students who tried desperately to keep up with drink orders.

Jake Marchitto, who worked the drink table, said, “It got hectic at times, like when the seniors first walked in and when they got their food, but other than that, it was an easy job.”

The kitchen crew was made up of three students and Ms. Way’s husband, who prepared the food. The night began with pigs in a blanket and salad. The main course consisted of broccoli and cheese-stuffed chicken, string beans, and buttered rolls. Dessert was chocolate and vanilla ice cream cups.

“This is an event that everyone involved always looks forward to,” said senior Kelsey McGuggart.

The entire night was a great success, and everyone there had an amazing time while doing something good.

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