Italian Club Travels to “Eataly”


On Tuesday, March 1st, Ms. Calio, Ms. Piazza, and students in Italian club went on a field trip to Eataly in Manhattan, an indoor market containing small food stands that sell fish, meats, breads, and other Italian delicacies. In addition, Eataly features restaurants at which patrons can sit down and eat at. Just about anything Italian could be found in this market, from delicious gelato to freshly-made pizza.

“I had a prosciutto arugula from the restaurant at the market,” said sophomore Vinny LoBosco. “The food was really good.”

In the market, all of the meats, cheeses, breads, and fish used by the restaurants are available for customers. The market itself is massive, with sections for every food group imaginable. Eataly restaurants vary in what they serve; most of the club ate at “La Pizza and La Pasta,” a restaurant specializing in pizza and pasta from Italy’s Napoletana region.

On the way out back to the bus, students grabbed some gelato and coffee from Lavazza near the main exit.

“My favorite part of the trip was the latte macchiato I got from Lavazza,” Vinny said.

The club’s advisors, Miss Piazza and Miss Calio, hope to make these food-appreciating trips into annual events, and the club’s students certainly would enjoy returning to Eataly.