Book Review: The Sneetches


To grown-ups, it shouldn’t come as a surprise

That people are not always prudent and wise,


And most can agree that it just isn’t right

That we find the most asinine reasons to fight:


Black versus white, sometimes rich versus poor,

Left versus right, and still hundreds more!


The sneetches are creatures that act just like us

They have trouble getting along all because


There’s one kind of sneetch that thinks it is the best,

Each one of these turns its nose up at the rest


But instead of big houses and fast, fancy cars,

The sneetches keep arguing over their stars.


The sneetches with green, flashy stars on their tummies

Make all of the other poor sneetches feel crummy


These star-bellied sneetches look down in disdain

At the sad, lowly sneetches whose bellies are plain.


They snicker and bicker, they sneer and they boast,

Then shuffle away to their frankfurter roasts


But when they are visited by a sly crook,

The tricked sneetches learn at the end of the book


That whether or not they may have a green star,

All sneetches are fine just the way that they are


The sneetches all learn to be fair and be kind,

They roast their frankfurters and have a great time.


If you love a good story by Dr. Seuss,

Then this one, The Sneetches, might be of some use


What better way is there for children to find,

That it’s best to be humble and gracious and kind?


That we can be different, and it’s quite alright,

it’s never a reason to fuss and to fight?


If you’re looking for books that will help your kids grow,

You certainly should give The Sneetches a go.


The artwork is lovely, the story’s just fine,

And the message persists with the passage of time.