Homecoming 2015 Another Big Success for BHS


This year’s homecoming day–on Saturday, October 18 at Bethpage High School–kicked off with the annual parade.  Many people gathered to walk down Stewart Avenue, ride floats, drive cars, or walk. Homecoming is not just about the football team, but it brings our town together. Every year this parade has funny floats, usually poking fun at the other football team that Bethpage is playing.  

This year, Bethpage welcomed the Floral Park Knights. Bethpage is currently in 2nd place at 5-1, while Floral park is 3-3.  The first half stayed tied at zero for a while, and Bethpage was not playing up to par. But, once they came back from halftime, they were ready to play.

With a final score of 21-7, Bethpage came out on top.  Matthew Collins, who plays on special teams, agreed. “We started off slow, Collins said. “But we realized what we needed to do and got it done.” Also, the speakers around the bleachers were not working. So there was no announcing during the game, which left many fans confused on who scored or who tackled whom. The 50/50 raffle winning number had to be written on a piece of cardboard.  

Overall, homecoming may not have been perfect, but everyone showed their support. The game still went down as a W in the books, and everyone watched in bitter weather, but being together seemed to warm everyone up.