BHS Fist-Bumps its Way into the Weekend With “High-Five Friday”


Friday, May 1st, marked Bethpage High School’s second “High-Five Friday event, this time called “Fist-Bump Friday.” The hot new trend is a way for students to interact, maybe get conversations started, and enjoy some breakfast. The lobby was filled with staff, teachers, administrators, and students and even a student DJ.  All seemed to enjoy the upbeat attitude and free food.

BHS student Joey Gilio shared how much fun he was having: “It’s great! We get to say hi to everyone with a fist bump and hang out.”

Senior Mackenzie Pech also attended the lobby held event and said, “It’s awesome that Bethpage High School offers something like this. Above all, this is a conversation-starter between not only students, but also faculty and staff.” She continued: “And the bagel was a nice added bonus!”

Mr. Tocco who is responsible for bringing the event to the high school, explained the change from high-fives to fist bumps, “We’re going to change it up every month.” Also in attendance was principal of BHS, Mr. Spence, who hinted, “Maybe next month, we’ll do a theme.”

Overall, “Fist Bump Friday” was a huge success. Friendships were forged, conversations were shared, and mornings were made. We hope the tradition continues!


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