BHS Student Spotlight: Izzy Romero


You may have seen sophomore Izzy Romero riding down the halls on her scooter or hopping to class on her crutches. Izzy came back from a repairing surgery on her foot last week after getting injured during kickline practice. 

Although Izzy claims that, “it hurts. It hurts a lot,” she still makes a great effort to show up to school and show off her new scooter. This past week you may have seen her take a couple tumbles in the hall, but she still makes a quick recovery and shows off her persistence. Three weeks after the surgery, Izzy says, “I’m happy to be back in school with my friends”. 

So, if you see Izzy in the halls hopping along approximately 4-5 minutes before the bell rings, don’t be afraid to say hi or wave.