Michael Melendez Verbatim Interview


In my personal time off of “shcewl,” I took the time to interview my favorite ex-Bethpage High School student, Michael Melendez. After his schism from our path forward in BHS, I stayed in contact with “Comrade Michael.” With the aid of warlock Julian Elmasry the wise, we still stay in contact through Discord on the Internet. Let us commence the interrogation of this mann-ish legend.


The Eagle’s Cry: How [has] your day been going?

Michael Melendez: “It’s been going great, Tony. Thanks for asking.”

The Eagle’s Cry: You are a former student of Bethpage, correct?

Michael Melendez: “That is indeed correct. I left Bethpage after my freshman year.”

The Eagle’s Cry: What high school are you currently attending?

Michael Melendez: “I am currently attending Commack High School.”

The Eagle’s Cry: What classes currently interest you?

Michael Melendez: “My personal favorite classes in Commack are Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences. “

The Eagle’s Cry: What colleges are you applying to?

Michael Melendez: “I have applied to ESF, Penn State, Stony Brook. “

The Eagle’s Cry: What do you want to become in the future?

Michael Melendez:  “I am planning on pursuing a career of Environmental Sciences as a soil scientist.”

The Eagle’s Cry: What sports if any are you currently playing in?

Michael Melendez: “I am not currently playing in any sports.”

The Eagle’s Cry: What hobbies/interests are you pursuing in?

Michael Melendez: “I’ve taken up the hobbies baking and gardening.”

The Eagle’s Cry: What foods do you enjoy consuming?

Michael Melendez: “I really like pepper steak, chicken sandwiches, salmon and chips.”

The Eagle’s Cry: How do you feel about the recent, award winning, Netflix original “Green Eggs and Ham Season 1?” 

Michael Melendez: “I thought it was a pleasant surprise. I feel as though the show remains faithful to the original Dr. Seuss art style and story telling. I believe that everyone should watch this series. “