A Walk In the Park with Tony: Electric Boogaloo


Tony Park, Reporter

Editor’s note: A Walk in the Park is a monthly column on the news and views of notable BHS senior Tony Park.


Small issues abound throughout the school day at Bethpage High School that make me whinge. All of these things happen regardless of a new wave of freshmen. Things like having to wake up early in the morning with only five hours of sleep and lazy laggards clogging up the semicircle. Everyone in the circle surely can drop off their passengers in a timely manner, but no, they must take hours to let little Johnny and Janie out. Why must I wake up early in the morning to stare at the back license plate of a Nissan Sentra moving up four feet every minute?

After I vacated my vehicle and haul myself into this school with the best security lady ever who’s always in a cheery mood saying, ‘Good morning’ to the student stampede. No one ever replies.

Then there’s those students who decide to form a wall in the middle of the hallway, not leaving any space for anyone to move through. Imagine becoming a literal fire hazard for this school? Then people wonder why no upperclassmen respect them, except for some special individuals far and few in between.

“Why don’t you just push on through?” BECAUSE I’m not a brobdingnagian, inconsiderate bulldozer. I swear, freshmen are in their own little worlds. They bump into you and look up so confused, like you weren’t even there. The people who don’t clog up the proverbial pipes should be allowed to go freely back and forth, but unfortunately some people who need every speck of attention from their friends.

After my extensive interview with one freshmen, let’s call him “Russel.” A brief description of Russel: around 4-5 feet tall and skinny. Russel claims that “[he is] very short and get[s] run over a lot”, classifying himself as “not the type of freshmen to block the halls,” but he clarifies that “mostly like half” of his friend base blocks the halls.

To be more specific, Russel identifies these hallway hazards as conglomerating “next to the stairways in the science wing.” 

In the bright side: my whole schedule isn’t that bad, however, I quite enjoy how fast my day goes by even with the double periods of science and math. 

Traveling between periods is a completely different beast. You will find the occasional “big chungus” like myself who is stops for no man…but his friends. Later on you might get the migrating teacher who is a bit shorter compared to the highschoolers, often causing them to get “lost in the sauce.”

BHS Senior Joey Talenti said, “My god, it’s like they got swallowed up by the sea of freshmen.” 

Thus in the end, I leave you with my enlightening thoughts: I hope you enjoyed our walk.