Why You Should be Listening to Bruce Springsteen—A Primer

Why You Should be Listening to Bruce Springsteen—A Primer

Aidan Radcliffe, Reporter

You may have heard illustrious songs such as Born in the USA, Hungry Heart, or even Thunder Road; but who is the man behind the music, and why on Earth should you care? Many of have been cultured to accept the “pop-ish” flamboyant nature of modern music with the vehement nature of radio edits that have diminished the value of music and abated the authors true purpose—yet this is reality—this is modern music.  Thusly this makes taking a time capsule back to 1974 and listening to the comeuppance of one of the most prolific and talented lyricists of all time seem all the more appealing.

You may be ever so drained by the jejune nature of the vapid filtered garbage that seems to permeate modern society—ergo why you should fill your life with the illustrious nature of musics past, hence Bruce Springsteen.  It’s a tempestuous journey to completely shift towards another genre of music, yet nothing with an astounding reward will ever be a smooth undertaking. The turbulences of life are compulsory; as we are boats drifting upon a ferocious current, yet the sandy shores on which you bury your feet are those of you own creation.  Thusly, Springsteen is just that, a harbinger of emotion, the light in the mist; hence, the soundtrack that you choose your life will subconsciously impact you through your highs and lows. The song that defines your jubilant summer, and the song that consoles you in your darkest hour will all come back to be the markers for your courting, twenty years from now you’ll be expressly pleased to reminisce of when you heard “that song”, or the first time you heard “this song”, and yet through it all, the zealously large catalogue of fervorous excitement and pyretic sorrows is there to bolster you upon new heights and cushion you from your largest falls.

No matter who you are nor where you’re from, Springsteen has a song that will describe the exact perplexing teenage angst and fervent confusion that likely defines you.  Nonetheless, Springsteen is exactly the kind of artist that associates with the frenetic lifestyle that you yourself have been subjected to. Whether it be Madame Marie’s, Highway Nine, or even The Stone Pony, it’s easy to see how these prominent Asbury Park locations parallel the locations and parochial theme that defines the small town Sentiment.  Papadelle’s, the LIE, or even the peculiar location where the Bethpage medium is antithetically contrasted by the brick buildings and stark attractions.  This is the exact provincial nature that has defined us and Springsteen alike, that oddeningly pulchritudinous essence that permeates and shapes the small-town mindset.

This—the divisional tendencies defined by our locale and Springsteen songs alike—is precisely why Springsteen’s ambiance is imbued thoroughly throughout our ethnology, whether it is mainly realized or not.  But how could you even begin to listen to an artist with such a diverse catalogue of melodies and bebops? Although unappealing and extensively radical to just jump into the plethora of diverse songs; this is exactly how you should proceed.  Albeit daunting, the myriad of scores should more or less be sampled by an eager ear, exposing yourself to all sorts of genres from Heartland Rock, Hard Rock, Folk, Pop, and more, all delivered by one gravelly undertone. Just by one miniscule leap of faith in the simplest of things—just exposing yourself to new music—you open the door for more liberalistic choices, thusly allowing you to become more you than you could ever think.  Embrace change, embrace individuality, embrace yourself and treat yourself with one of the most talented lyricists of the past century, and you will thank yourself. The comfort of knowing someone, although a New Jerseyan musician from the latter half of the twentieth century, is and has gone through all the claustrophobic notions and wanderlust fantasies you yourself have envisioned is something that can change your whole outlook on your current situation.  

So, whether you be an aspiring musician looking to learn, a struggling kid who feels alone in a sea of faces, an outlaw in a postindustrial consumeristic fantasy, or even just an avid music aficionado; Springsteen is for you.  And with all the doubts and concerns that may cloud your mind, think even if just a moment what the damage could be for just trying out a new song or two with a newfound appreciation—nil. So why not through in a new song into your daily rotation? Why not try something new? The two minutes of a truly great song, even if not your new personal favorite, will not negatively impact your life in anyway, but a new respect for an aging rockstar will prevail.  So the only question that remains is what song will you listen to first?


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